Saturday, April 03, 2004

Oooh...I just found a nice treasure trove of freakness. Mmmm,mmm! I loves me some glittery drag queens! Most of these people I remember from the early 80's. I was slightly obsessed with stuff like the New York club scene and read mags like Details and I.D. alot (this was when Details was WAY different and not the teh ghey fashion rag it is today)and watched fucked up movies like "Liquid Sky" and "Ciao, Manhatten". I also remember this guy who had a health food store around the corner from my house and he was totally enamoured by Nina Hagen...he had about a million pictures of her plastering the store. I thought that was pretty cool.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

I havent been posting much- I've been so dang busy. My partner and I are almost done with our book "Pop Surrealism- The Rise Of Underground Art" and it should be out late summer. It's looking amazing, if I say so myself. I'm fairly proud of it.
This June the gallery is hosting a show by Factory superstar/documentarian Billy Name. I'm really psyched about that...and I have some really juicy stuff in the works as well.