Saturday, March 06, 2004

Pop Roqs
Getting ready for an AWESOME new show of hi octane rawknroll pop art on Friday with the amazing Jim Blanchard (Whose painting, "Lily", is below) and Rene Garcia Jr. If you are in Seattle you should seriously come see this.
As always- amazing street art at Wooster Collective. You could spend a week looking through all the art links.
Dominion or Peaceable Kingdom?
Cruelty to animals fills me with a berzerker type rage. It doesn't actually make sense- but when I see the abuse of an animal I wish a violent, painful death on the person responsible for it. Not very zen but there you have it. I guess it's the abuse of the innocent..same thing goes for little kids. As with everything, there is always a grey zone. Are zoos cruel? Having pets? Using animals as food resources? These things go both ways. My cat Monkey is strictly indoors. Living in the city poses too many dangers for a small partially insane cat. At the same time, as much as I try to entertain her, I wonder if she has a deep instinctual longing for the outdoors, the wild. I know that I myself feel a little crazy being away from the natural rhythms of the world. Yet, for her safety and my emotional protection I will keep her inside, safe from cars, other animals, away from strangers...a whole giant tumultuous world she has never seen. Instead, I dote on her, entertain her, play with her, tease her, console her. We by turns race around the room playing "I'm gonna getcha!" or play fetch with the mousies. She and I have a strong bond- no one else, not even K really matters to her. When Monkey was a baby, my boyfriend at the time insisted that she not sleep in the bedroom as he had allergies- so I'd go sleep on the couch with her, and she sleeps beside me to this day. I feel as though she is one of my closest friends.
At night, she snuggles up to me, wraps a paw around my arm,and we sleep. I wonder if we donít both have the same dream,..a rolling garden at twilight, watching as swallows dart and fireflys lazily flicker, while a clean cool wind rolls over us.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Thisis a totally amazing website by a woman who toured on her motorcycle through towns totally irradiated after Chernobyl. It will blow your mind. Yanked from Boing Boing.