Saturday, January 24, 2004

As a kid, I was a huge fan of mythology...I poured over my beat up copy of Bullfinch's Mythology and drew comics based on greek gods and goddesses. I might add that that particular interest stemmed from worshipping Wonder Woman. Her made up Amazonian past caused me to actually be interested in real mythology. Anyhoo- I had a facination with Egyptian Mythology as well- and who isn't interested in THAT stuff? It's pretty cool, and being the freak child I was of course my favorite Egyptian Deity was Anubis- God of Death and Embalming! All the deities were pretty damn impressive but he was the most impressive by far. What was interesting about Anubis was that he was this really powerful god who had power over your afterlife's fate, yet he was strangely compassionate and not very frightening.

Yesterday was a frustrating day- tearful and exhausted from stress from everything that's been happening- all the deadlines we're under. As I sat tired, curled into myself in the passenger side of the van- suddenly saw a great commotion in the grey was a giant bald eagle being chased by a yammering pack of seagulls, right overhead in the city! Calming sailing in circles, disinterested in the angry gulls (who acted pretty tough but stayed well away from the eagle's range), it was heartstopping...I nearly fell out the van window watching the show as I tried to track it across the sky for as long as possible. All I could really think was "I am SO glad to see you"....
Git Along Little Doggie, Indeed

People are so fucked up.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Totally hilarious LoTR bad photoshops using cars and stuff, from Something Awful...