Saturday, January 17, 2004

I just joined Bats Northwest...I loves me some cute bats! I'm considering becoming a bat rehabilitator. The only thing in the world I have infinite patience for is the care of animals.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I know I'm just crankin' out the posts here but I got another one for I snagged from Mat Gleason of Coagula's LJ which I found to be quite interesting:

" But I have a little saying that I would like to share with everyone. This concerns the barrage of opinions about Saddam's capture that are all over the internet, but it sums up how i feel about most of what passes for analysis of the world and national situation:
Take all of your conspiracy theories and stuff them in your ass. Accept that it is a wild, uncontrollable world out there, and that the government and the propaganda machines and the media do NOT have their shit together in any way to be precise to the caliber which it would take to execute even the simplest of your complex conspiracy theories. The people in charge (and they are in charge, they don't take orders from a little room of pointy headed cigar-smokers, nor do they answer to the architect of the Matrix), they show up to work and they just try scenario one and then they try #2 and that is all they do, they don't pull the strings of reality, they are NOT watching me or you and their policies are not affecting our lives. We are on our own and it is so lonely out on a limb.
Now go live your life and understand that it is you who determine your fate and nobody is getting in your way in an attempt to quash or undermine your freedom. "
Perhaps you need some underpants with monkeys on them for the new year...

Here's another of my little buddies...My hand is placed to conceal where his plaster is coming off. Poor sweet sad tiki head....

This is where we Aunt and Uncle's backyard...ok, we didnt stay IN the backyard....

All Tiki All The Time
Well not really- but when I was downloading my Hawaii digital pix I found I took loads of pix with hilarious fake-o tikis in them. I can't believe I was at this location just last week, blinding everyone with my fish white pallor. Now back in the cold wet slurry of Seattle. Ah well.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Be Seduced By Your Repulsion
I yoinked this offa six different ways blog because it was so, so wrong, in so many ways. So of course I couldn't quit staring at it for quite some time....

God God what IS that thing (part 2)!!!!