Saturday, January 10, 2004

What is it about the Geisha that is so compelling? I'm intrigued by how they look so antiquated and yet so futuristic...
Holy Cats I Got Engaged.
Yep- K popped the old question in Hawaii. Despite my more romantically minded girlfriends speculating this would happen- I was actually TOTALLY surprised and actually so shocked I couldn't speak for about a minute. Which is new for me. (Sorry if you are finding out about this via the blog before I reach you on the phone, Dad) Full moon, tropical beach. Very nice. I said yes of course as K is a rather spectacular person that I thank my lucky stars every day for. I've been engaged once before so I find I have this peculiar trepidation...I actually was thinking the other day that I was probably going to be like Katherine Hepburn and never marry. I'm still slightly in shock and kinda freaked out to tell you the truth...but like anything when I look at K I know it's gonna be great and we'll have the most marvellous time together.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Aloha homiez
I've been cooling my heels in Hawaii- hence no new updates...I've been far too lazy. Taking lots of tiki pics and so forth, and getting ideas for new blog tidbits when I get back.