Wednesday, December 03, 2003

" Why can't you do it, why can't you set your monkey free..."
My friends David and Angela just returned from Thailand where David had this
unusual head growth removed.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

In keeping with the last regards to the commodification of "punk" or what have you...all the "hippest" kids are wearing Von Dutch clothing...which is a mega hipster brand of jeans and stuff. I bet most of those people don't even know who Von Dutch IS.
(Von Dutch bought the rights to (real) Von Dutch's name and signature...originally selling mechanic like sturdy clothes it has now become a mainstream label.) But I'll tell ya as a little bird told me...whenever you see someone famous in thier clothes (other than some rockabilly cat) they are being paid by the company to wear it. So wierd.
This is the real Von Dutch:
It's old fogey time....
Remember these cats?

I've been listening to the Clash alot lately...remember those heady early 80's when young men with unusual hair sang songs of rebellion, opression...but they were always tinged with a different kinda "fuck you" than the shit that passes for "punk" these days.I guess there was a freewheeling kind of hope there- that this new movement and conciousness would change things. There was a wild sense of freedom. That's how I felt anyway. Ah...the kids today. I guess the music they listen to today will resonate with them the way the music I grew up with did for me...But I don't know. I always thought seeing young teens dressed up in hippie gear were funny- like "Why do you look like your PARENTS looked at your age?" and now little punkers godlovethem look that way too. They should be creating thier OWN wild movement-
not copying something that happened so long ago now. And let's not forget the commodification of said movements. I know- I'm getting geezery -"Why, I remember getting my ass kicked for having a mohawk, kid" ( Actually- I was just told to "get some hair, bitch" by some mullet in a camero- and anyway- I was a "waver"/goth...but nonetheless!)
I suppose the new innovations in music are in hip hop (not that'd I'd really know) and Electronica...which really is a new movement (Kraftwerk not withstanding) and has it's own fashion and design ideaologies which to me is as exciting as punk was. Too bad most of the music makes me barf. i can tell I'm getting old because my playlist is currently The Clash, The Damned, The Cramps, and the Misfits.