Saturday, November 08, 2003

Oh boy- I got a new camera...

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Clayton Brothers
I just bought this painting by the Clayton Brothers. They are having an amazing new show at La Luz De Jesus in LA.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

So I flipped on the old Entertainment Tonight this evening to see what our celebrity overlords are up to, and was richly rewarded with a short segment on botched plastic surgery(don't you just love that word "botched"? especially in conjunction with the words "plastic surgery"- it just conjures up all kinds of unappealing nastiness). Anyhoo- it was pretty tame, except a nice case where a woman has a chemical peel go horribly awry. Her face was basically a giant scab coated in vaseline...can you imagine?! I just find it bizarre how many people undergo serious surgery to look maybe 5 years younger. That shit HURTS. Try not smoking instead. Or try having a life where you spend some of the time that you reserve obsessing on your looks and sexual desirability on helping other people or creatures. It's amazing how beautiful people who devote their lives to doing good things in the world are.
Then again...youthful beauty is such a major commodity these days....these gals who do "Extreme Makeovers"(a show which I am also addicted to) aren't hurting anyone ELSE at anyrate...crap, if it means they can walk down a beach and not be completely obsessing that everyone is staring at their goggle eyes or gigantic nose (which they aren't) or it gives them confidence to "get a man" (ahem..) they what the hell, I guess. I see age showing up on my own face which is pretty startling...I have a few "flaws" that I would like to see maybe changed...but I'd never do it because I just think that's stupidly vain (see argument above).(Though I will undergo pain to get a tattoo, is there a big dif?) I don't know,ask me when I'm 45.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

This months "Budget Living Magazine" has a nice article on "Peacock Hill" - a shambly old Victorian house a couple bought and made into an arty-goth mansion...all on the el-cheapo.
The "Moran" Files

"I'm a perfect example of what happens when the touchy-feely, do-it-if-it-feels-good liberals have their way," he warned the 20 million listeners of his nationally syndicated radio show. "There's no accountability anymore. People like me feel like they can get away with anything and they shouldn't have to answer to God or anyone else. And it's all the fault of the radical Left."
-Rush Limbaugh on his drug addiction.
Hee!! Keep talking Rush. Just keep talking.(Is he still on drugs?)