Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Oh my.
What an unfortunate hairdo.
Now I love Bowie, and he can churn out crap for the rest
of his days and he'd still be a demi-god to me for
Ziggy Stardust and Low...but ,THIS may be taking it too far...
(My eyes! They burn!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

But Dude, Seriously...
One of my most fav time wasters (besides YES, FARK, thank you...I'm not ashamed) is of an ugly page, but reading the essays are often hee-larious,especially the ones about Australian landmarks.

Gruesome day. Spent literally 6 hours uncrating art, with
a bad headache. But the show looks great.
Found out my sister is having BRAIN SURGERY
on Monday for her VAM. (Venous Arterial Mass...good times,eh?)
It's supposed to not be too big a deal...FOR BRAIN SURGERY.
She has been amazing throughout her ordeal,
when she had the initial seizure (which is how we found
out about the VAM) she lost partial movement in her
right hand. Instead of bitching about it she just taught
herself how to do everything left handed- in case she never
regained use. Which she did, thankfully.

Sunday, August 10, 2003


One of my most favorite bands. American Gothic
at it's finest. Dark, dank, powerful Western/
Appalachian/Goth/Fire and Brimstone rock.
I've seen these guys 3 times and they always
profoundly blow me away...