Saturday, May 24, 2003

Christ I'm bored. It's totally dead in the gallery today but I can't leave since someone is "supposed" to come by and see the show. And they were have supposed to have come by now so I bet they won't. Nice.
Speaking of dead, I dragged my long suffering friend Scott out to the Queen Anne columbarium today so we could look at dead people in urns in a fancy building. Charles Krafft is having a show of his Spone- human bone china there next month. It was very "nice"...tidy, shiny, semi-antiseptic...stacks of clear shelves with urns and silk flowers. I don't know how I feel about the silk flowers...I mean...kinda silly, like what's the point? And anyway- god forbid you had real flowers that could start to decay....can't have anything *suggesting* decay in a cemetary. As we walked around the adjoing graveyard, I started thinking how fun it'd be to do custom tombstones. Then I started thinking about what I want done with my body once I shrug off the mortal coil...ideally- I'd like to be parted out for whomever needs organs...then I'd like to be cremated and tossed , except my skull. I'd like to have my skull engraved with flowers, with giant rhinestones put in my eye sockets. Then maybe I could sit on a kindly person's shelf, hopefully the kind of person that listen to old Edith Piaf records. That would be nice.