Saturday, September 28, 2002

I took a bunch of gallery merch. down to Ballard this morning for the Rooks Car Club car show. Didn't sell anything (cheep bastards) but I sure saw some mouthwatering cars. I guess for someone who can't drive my lust for pre-65 hotrods is hard to explain.
Why dont you take a look at this cute baby hippo?
Woah- Disney is making a film themed around the Haunted Mansion ride!! I am so there...
My media barrage is coming along nicely...the gallery got a blurb and a PICTURE in the Oct issue of chi chi Conde Nast Traveller, a mention in the new Modern Painters magazine, and I think the new Juxtapoz ran a picture of me standing in Forest Lawn Cemetary (excuse me,... MEMORIAL PARK....) next to a quote about art. Sweet. Now if this would all translate into SALES we'd be doing well. Also, I think the new issue of Tablet is running a pic of me as they are profiling Seattle curators, but I look like a troll in the pic, so I've decided it doesnt count.
Speaking of Forest Lawn- it is a gigantic cemetary in LA- a Disneyland for dead people. I definitely recommend a trip there...not only is it a highbrow graveyard- but they have tons of ART there, sculptures, paintings...even an art museum. It's pretty wierd. The place is divied up into diffent sections, there's the imposing gothic architecture segment, the "Wee Kirk O' The Heather" irish stone cottage church area, " Lullabye Land" (guess who is buried there), and many more.