Saturday, May 18, 2002

It's the goth blood, but I have always adored Morticia Adams, Lily Munster, Vampira,and the little known Madonna Vampira from a radio series called The Fourth Tower Of Inverness- which is by the way- completely awesome...way better than anything on TV.
Last weekend Kenny and I went to LA. It was quite fun as neither of us had been before. We stayed with artist Anthony Ausgang. Among the million things we did were going to the La Brea Tar Pits, The Museum Of Jurassic Technology, Hollywood, Melrose, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, and Copro Nason gallery- where Seattle artist Charles Krafft has a show. We also had a beverage at the swank retro-futuristic Standard Hotel. While I was having a Wallpaper-magazine-moment in the poolside lounge area, Ausgang got bored, stood up, stripped off his clothes and hopped in the pool. We were given the hairy eyeball, but not much else.
Another highlight was seeing Long Gone John's legendary art collection. Damn. Tons of Rydens, Schorrs, Williams, ect ect.

I also found a star on Hollywood boulevard that stopped me in my tracks...perhaps a long lost relative of Roq La Rue?