Monday, March 11, 2002

Like just about everyone- I watched "9/11" on CBS last night. At first I really debated whether to watch it or not- was I indulging in some gratuitous sick thrill by subjecting myself to that imagery again? I decided I wasn't- and that I'd watch it on the off chance I could glean some kind of...I don't, I guess, from it. I thought it was really good. You could even say it was "tasteful"- no gore- yet conveyed much of the horribleness of the event. The most poignant thing was just the way the firefighters had a "what the fuck do we do?" look on their faces, standing around in the lobby- no idea what is going on.
I think the important thing about watching something like that- was that while it rekindles anger and hatred for those who did it- it also reminds you how important it is to be an optimist in today's important it is to really try to be good and do good things- and the strength inherent in those acts. Maybe the goverment sucks, maybe things are really fucked up, but only in goodness and compassion no matter what does the human race have a chance of moving forward at all.
Kind of a "duh", but worth saying anyway.
A statue of Padre Pio in Italy is said to be shedding tears of blood. Padre Pio was a very beloved priest who died in 1968 and had been a receiver of Stigmata...(bleeding from the hands and feet in sympathy of Christ's wounds....not the movie...haw) There are pictures of him floating around- I'll try to see if I can dig one up....