Saturday, March 02, 2002

Is it Christina Aguilera or Dee Schneider from Twisted Sister?

Thursday, February 28, 2002

96 TEARS and 96 EYES
Once when I was in high school, I needed to come up with a class project for science and couldn't think of one. I asked my mom for ideas and she suggested I make a paper airplane and glue a fly's feet to it for an engine. I gave that one a pass. I should've known- this was after all, the same woman who told my guidance counciller that I had been born with a tail so I could get out of gym class- and had built a small replica of Leonardo's Flying Machine for the cat...anyway- here's how to make a flyplane...
Painter Donald Roller Wilson is a bit of a genius. Look at the galleries to have your mind blown by the deliciousness of his work.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Ant sized baby giant squids captured!
WELL...I got a few comments about my Crematorium blog. I think it was misconstrued a bit...and while it's probably looks bad for me to try to "explain" myself- maybe in this case I'll try. My point is this, what happened was awful, not ok, should be punishable, rather disgusting, and hurtful to the families involved. BUT...I have a hard time these days with people "grieving" over corpses when so many living will never get any kind of caring at all. I'm not taking about the loss of loved ones. Or the riuals we need to deal with death. I'm talking about the freakout after the fact. Understandable. But lamentable.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

CERTAIN PEOPLE have told me to update Thumbmonkey. So here is a story about "Ferret Frolic in the Snow" a happy story about kids n' ferrets getting together on a sunny Saturday to play in flowerpots and wriggle out of paper bags.
By the way- ferrets have needlesharp teeth and a jaw leverage of like 80 zillion pounds per square inch. It is actually a sport to put evil ferrets down yer pants in certain rural areas of England. Meet Reg Mellor...a stronger man than you, aye...a stronger man than you.