Friday, January 25, 2002

I watched a special on PBS the other day about the "Urban Elephant"- elephants who were brought here from India to work in circuses, and get put into zoos. I always swore that someday by god I would have an elephant sanctuary- and here is a goddess who started one in Tennessee. Elephants are the best.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

A little boy born in India with a rather fetching 4 inch tail is believed to the the incarnation of Hindu deity Lord Hanuman (who looked like..a monkey of course!)
Hey, fuck Las Vegas - we want to go to the Quinn-Riley Plasma Gate Indian Time Portal Of The Arizona Desert for our holiday! Take a guided tour with my new hero, Billy Bigfoot (of internationally lauded Bigfoot Busters!) Pay special attention to the "skull" at the top of the page. Hmmm. And gaze at the glory of Billy Bigfoot-badass cryptozoologist!

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Sorry- but I loves me some "Crocodile Hunter". They are making a movie starring Steve Irwin (the Croc Hunter and human tornado himself ) with the plot being:

" In Collision Course, Irwin, the CIA, and other spies are in hot pursuit of a crocodile which swallows a fallen US-satellite beacon, presumably containing hot and spicy intelligence information."

Yeah! Apparently to film some scenes they had to use dead frozen crocs to appease the animal protection board- and the frozen crocs got accidentally thawed and "exploded".