Thursday, August 30, 2001

No,'s a site devoted to toys and crap that were just plain wrong. You can see a gallery of really bad, cheap, probably toxic kid's Halloween costumes, and learn about Pirates In Advertising.....
Ladies and Gentlemen, Barney Smith- Toilet Seat Artist. Just don't get any superglue on those suckers...OW!

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Today at Westlake Center the cops were out having an "open house"- they had all their cars and gear out so the public could check it out. I initally walked around thinking what a cool idea it was, patting the pretty horsies, looking at the bomb de-fusing robot...until I got over to the Mad Max Riot Squad car...there were a few cops there with an assortment of weapons they use to dispell crowds. You could definitely feel a little tension in the air as the general public looked over the array of tear gas and rubber bullets. Suddenly what had seemed like an attempt for the police force to de-mystify themselves and connect with the public had vanished when you realised how much lately these weapons had been used on us.
"This is the type of concussion grenade we shot at you guys last year, these are the rubber bullets we used...this is the dog that will bite your face off..."