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The stalk of crab grass that hung lazily from his mouth contained a water molecule that had once passed through the Buddha, a minke whale and the famous dancing pig of Allapacca County. It cannot be proven otherwise. Go Ahead and Pop It. The Supply is Endless
"In those times when everything collapses around you, and what's left won't go right, don't forget your chances of being alive in this solar system, in this galaxy, are a little on the slim side. So slim in fact that it could be called a miracle to breathe this air, drink this water, and have what ever predicament you're having no matter how you shake, rattle and roll it. So go with the cosmic flow and always choose something over nothing, while remembering that there's a little of each one hidden in both."
Eduardo Galeano - Our World is a Great Paradox That Turns Around in the Universe
"At the rate we are going, the owners of the planet will soon outlaw hunger and thirst in order to forestall shortages of food and water."
Arbusto-san, being Himself a sociopath excavating the foundation of free civilization, is unlikely to care about the Likely Humanitarian Scenarios of a conflagration in Iraq.
"...the humanitarian interventions are likely to be required for a protracted period of time, certainly longer than one year, and may include:

Further bridging, material handling, and transport - Milling and iodizing capacity - Food and necessities for, at a minimum, 23 million - Health supplies to treat injuries for approximately 0.5 million - Health supplies to treat up to 23 million - Nutrition items for 3.03 million - Water treatment equipment for 18.24 million - Chemicals and consumables for 18.24 million - Sanitation materials and chemicals - Total range of services for 2 million IDPs, some of whom may well become refugees. The number that may eventually be in this category cannot be assessed with any confidence - Emergency shelter for 3.6 million - Family reunion facilities for unaccompanied minors - Facilities for 1.4 million Iraqi refugees, 900,000 entering neighbouring countries and 500,000 remaining along the border but inside Iraq - Initiatives to invigorate the economy. Livestock and plant production materials. Mine Action activities, (demining, UXO clearance, mine awareness)."
John Cage waxes dithyrambic - Anarchist Poem
"We don't need government
We need utilities."
We Do Need Cave Paintings
"In the process, we change the world that surrounds us -- but we also change how our descendants will understand that world. If our stories always tell of our tribe's brutal victimization by another, our children cannot view the other except through the lens of grievance. Once the impressionists showed us how light disassembles and restructures colors and cathedrals and irises, we could never unsee those images, never again view the world as solid and immutable. Once we have heard the Bach B Minor Mass or seen the Chartres Cathedral, we cannot unimagine the grandeur of God with which they are infused. Once we have read Dilbert and Pogo and Vonnegut and Doonesbury, we can no longer view our institutions and our leaders as wholly sane; art, after all, is often about speaking truth to power."
Our cosmic eye reopens
BBC News

As Spider Robinson has so succinctly put; Shared pain is lessened; shared joy is increased; thus do we refute entropy.

Future history is usually best left to SF writers but An Illustrated Speculative Timeline of Technology and Social Change for the Next One Thousand Years is a well researched and insightful two part book, available in its entirety online.

Technologically, we can now achieve man's historical goal - a post scarcity society. But socially and culturally, we are mired in the economic relations, institutions, attitudes and values of a barbarous past, of a social heritage created by material scarcity. Murray Bookchin wrote this more than thirty years ago in a leaflet called Toward a post-scarcity society: the American perspective and the SDS. So the years go by and a system that entrenches poverty in the name of a cheap and desperate labor force continues.

Whenever I read things like this Conversation with Dolores Brien and Robert Romanyshyn, the latter being author of Technology as Symptom & Dream, I somehow experience great elation at our potential and deep despair at our distracted attention; at the same time. I need a word for this. Or do I, for is not the label the first distinction; a layer of seperation? I want to be this feeling because I am.

Finding Literary Kicks is an unexpected treat. Levi Asher invites us to Turn off your mind relax and float downstream on our choice of seminal mind-rafts; such as Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady and many more.
When the voices of children are heard on the green
And laughing is heard on the hill,
My heart is at rest within my breast
And everything else is still.
Jeremy Rifkin details the progressive enclosure of our commons, of that we all shared but that is now just another commodity. This talk was given for The Church of Euthanasia.!?
"Welcome to the greenhouse world. Welcome to the final climax of five hundred years of historical enclosure. The tombstone for the age of modernity. We're losing a species to extinction every sixty seconds. We'll lose fifteen percent of the plant and animal kingdom in nine years from now. That's massive ecocide, and we have no idea what the implications are."
Convulsed with a need for en-lighten-mental material to shake off the dark chaos of those who pursue dialogue with bullets, I arrive at a place of beauty, passion and logic. Transformation Metaphors, derived experimentally from the Chinese Book of Changes (I Ching), makes divined order hypertextual.
"A sustainable community can only influence others effectively when its external initiatives are consistent with its own internal mode of organization."
Long ago and far away I mentioned hairy armpits in reference to a pheremone study, and have since received many visitors in search of titillation. So it was that Twernt raised my pique with The Werewolf's Armpits, a site dripping with redolent literary brood. Why Hairy Armpits Are Great. Ok, that's it, nix the axillan content.
"Anybody remotely interesting is mad, in some way or another."
Dr. Who
The title of this page (that stretches the bounds of fair use?) attracted me because of it's semantic symmetry, and kept me interested by having a nice diagram. Macroscopic and Microscopic Processes of Evolution of Evolutionary Processes
"The individual is going to be universalized, the universal is going to be individualized, and thus from both directions the whole is going to be enriched."
Jan Smuts, Holism and Evolution
Before we start ameliorating our condition, we must satisfy our disposition to inquisition. The Zero Ontology - David Pearce on Why Anything Exists
"...it is reasonably clear that western thought has been absorbed in the notion of substance, without being able to see how substantial things can dissolve into nothingness. This makes it particularly difficult for western philosophers to find the Zero ontology meaningful."
Unamerican Activities
"I have defined my goal with Unamerican as the creation of an intentional revolutionary community online. To me, that's the most efficient way to overthrow the current order - for the People to rise up and demand an upgrade!"
I regret not remembering who led me to this fine essay, but a moving experience (thankfully no piano!), an emotionally draining and lachrymose bon voyage to my children who are returning to a warmer-wetter southwest for another school term, and continuous canine capers have all conspired to render me feckless. I'm not sure I enjoy feck(?) at the best of times, and so will leave competent commentary to R.U. Sirius. Whatever Happened to Mondo 2000's Cyber Revolution?, One fearless leader investigates.
"And further out on the futurist terrain, nanotechnology is starting to look realistic, the human genome has been tentatively mapped, and some people continue to do websites for adventure and fun, instead of money."
I think tanks are marked by a distinct lack of intellectual acuity, being hunks of steel plate and all, but the material shot out by Think Tanks is often even more cognitively inert. This article from The John Birch Society, investigates Where The Revolution Is Being Planned.
"The Think Tanks are largely populated by carefully selected refugees from Academe who have been offered the opportunity to shed the rigors of dealing with beery sophomores for the headier wine of planning for the Brave New World."
A uniquely Canadian think tank, The Fraser Institute was asked, concerning The Kyoto protocol: Given that Canada is the largest per capita producer of carbon emissions how will this signing affect our living standards...?
"The signing will not significantly affect our living standards unless we actually try to achieve the targets set out in the Kyoto protocol."
How to Overthrow the Government, Arianna Huffington
"The real battle line of the first presidential election of the new millennium will be drawn between those who answer to their corporate donors and those who speak for that single mother at the Burger King."
Considered thanks to Apathy for leading me to The Darwinism Home Game. I like this game, would like to adapt the rules for my bushy environs, and may just have finally gone over the edge...
"My claim was that my friends could drop me anywhere in the United States without money, without identification, without any support, and I would make my way home within a week."
Monogamy as a Prisoners Dilemma: Non-Monogamy as a Collective Action Problem by James J. Hughes Ph.D.
"Many ethologists and anthropologists now believe that monogamy is not "natural" behavior for humans."
I am blown away by the simplicity yet depth, not to mention bevy of subtitular monikers, of the Technography Center, CoWorking, Celebrating Virtual connectivity, See What You Mean, Connect, Converge, Create, Complete. Memes flying everywhere, eh? We have many instruments to harmonize the infosphere/communosphere, where are the commensurate tools for the carnesphere?
"If you are looking for an index to a spectrum of "Webware" applications for supporting CoWorking, CNET's Webware page is probably the most exhaustive of current collections. Currently citing 80 different products, the index is bound to expand your repertoire of web-based utilities for supporting virtual teamwork."
Straining the slimy mass of degeneration, the nuggets of pure creation glimmer hope. R. Buckminster Fuller's Grand Strategy for Solving Global Problems is conceptual gold.
"All of humanity has struggled, dreamed, hoped, worked, and prayed for this moment in history. It is up to us to help make it happen."
Jack London, Before Adam, Serialized in Everybody's Magazine, 1906-1907
These are our ancestors, and their history is our history.
Remember that as surely as we one day
swung down out of the trees and walked upright,
just as surely, on a far earlier day,
did we crawl up out of the sea
and achieve our first adventure on land.
With a guffaw welling up like a beery burp that must be brupped, and as a (devilishly large) preface to the attentive enquiries that follow, the Big Golden Book o' Atheism brings me out of the land of Yellow Pasture of Low Grasses and High Manure and delivers Inspiration.
"While the Big Golden Book o' Atheism is authored by Her Holy Hoofness, we see a human element present."
Feeling disjointed and psychically vulnerable I am happily brought back into perspective by Evolving Beauty - Photographs by Eric Boutilier-Brown.

Andrew Levy brings us the story of 2010 : An Internet Odyssey, including a telling tale of the dissenting Los Cybrids who caution that The Internet, the Web, is the number-one tool in the arsenal of capitalist globalization. Andrew comments: Their remedy? The implantation of bacteria (not viruses) that would destroy the hardware upon which the entire Internet depends, while leaving individuals' PCs unharmed. Am I really, if unwill(tt)ingly, supporting the very structure I rail so heartily against?
"If one harbors doubts that corporations are investing, intensively, in mechanisms to monitor, respond to, squelch, and literally delete from the Web so-called "anticorporate activism," i.e., to punish the free speech of the consumer, citizen, disgruntled Protestant, or what have you, have a look at a new product from Dallas-based eWatch sold through a public relations agency called Edelman Interactive and PR Newswire."
So, thanks to Kenny for bringing me to The Idler wherein I am shocked by the venom of Noam Chomsky and the Holocaust Deniers by Werner Cohn.
"In other words, Chomsky's famous ability to obfuscate and the obscurity of most of his publications can only partially explain why his neo-Nazi involvements have escaped wide-spread criticism."
A. Michael Froomkin asks the critical question The Death of Privacy? in this essential examination.

Miracle Device - Feed's Document on Ted Nelson's Literary Machines
"For this Document, we've selected four elements of his design that have yet to be explored, places where Nelson built windows before there was a house."
Vancouver Institute Lecture, March 25, 2000 is a speech of extraordinary value. Unfortunately this page sits at the 'end of the internet', and is uncredited. No, I have no idea how I got there and upon further introspection (and a brain adjustment from my wife Mary Jane) have decided not to persue the matter; these words stand alone.
"Survival demands a revolution in the way we live, which in turn requires a revolution in the way we think. When there were only a few of us, we could afford to be stupid. Today, when our numbers and our ingenuity have made us a force of nature in our own right, our stupidity has lethal consequences."
The Secret History of Lead details how this potent neurotoxin sleazed it's way into our lives, and how it will be an insideously damaging legacy for generations to come.
"...one can conservatively estimate that a total of about 68 million young (American) children had toxic exposures to lead from gasoline from 1927 to 1987."
The Transtopian Principles propose an arch-anarchy in which even the laws of nature are mutable.
"General goal: infinite existence under the best possible conditions.
Primary means to achieve this: reason, science and technology.
Motivation: enlightened self-interest."
David Deutsch uses his substantial talent to reveal the The Final Prejudice.
"The real prejudice, then, is against children as people; not against their shapes but against their minds."
Stephen Kline discusses the sordid world of character marketing, and offers a solution to advert pollution similar to the Proxomitron, which does a great job of de-commercializing the web.
"I am actually launching a campaign to get people to convert the V-chip to an A-chip--by setting it to exclude all unrated programs, the advertising magically disappears from your screen!"
Reinventing Money, Restoring the Earth, Reweaving the Web of Life
by Carol Brouillet
"In a perfect world, money would become obsolete, and the gift economy would flourish. One's time would be honored as the greatest gift of all - the essence of one's brief precious life."
Peter Phipps drives home the point in Tourorists: Tourists, Terrorists and the Value of Death. When in Rome..., at least pay attention.
"This project is perverse: it is an analysis of the structural significance of the murders, executions and abductions of tourists."
CBC Radio 1, one of the world's great stations, has featured "lost and found sound" on occasion. The National Gallery of the Spoken Word will take the concept to a whole new level.
"By making sure that all voices are represented, we can promote open and democratic online discourse, with a rich trove of material to support each perspective, rather than permitting information-rich countries, nations, ethnic groups or ideological movements to define online oral and aural history."
If you can read the paragraph below without either laughing uproariously or giving your head a muddled shake, depending of course on your present state of neurochemical adjustment, then by all means enjoy the fruit of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Adam Frank; who coglaborate on Shame in the Cybernetic Fold: Reading Silvan Tomkins.
"Correspondingly, the structuralist reliance on symbolization through binary pairings of elements, defined in a diacritical relation to one another, and no more than arbitrarily associated with the things symbolized, has not only survived the structuralist moment but, if anything, been propagated ever more broadly through varied and unresting critique--critique that reproduces and popularizes the structure, even as it may complicate an understanding of the workings, of the binarisms mentioned above along with such others as presence/absence, lack/plenitude, nature/culture, repression/liberation, and subversive/hegemonic."
We are all, especially when exercising our consumerist wont, under surveillance. To satisfy the dramatic urge, and to stultify this cinematic scourge, In 10 Easy-to-Follow Steps!, here is How to Stage Your Own "Surveillance Camera Theater". We have a vigil-auntie observing Main St. here in Whitehorse that is broadcast on local cable, and presents a perfect stage...shhh.

When not actively performing a surveillobotomy one might like to keep as low a profile as possible. Here we have some tactics for dodging security cameras.
"Surveillance society, which is an imminent reality, must be critiqued and attacked concurrently."
The New Politics of Consumption - Why Americans want so much more than they need, is an essay by Juliet Schor that entreats us all, above all, to go beyond it all.
"Americans did not suddenly become greedy. The aspirational gap has been created by structural changes-such as the decline of community and social connection, the intensification of inequality, the growing role of mass media, and heightened penalties for failing in the labor market. Upscaling is mainly defensive, and has both psychological and practical dimensions."
are you profligate? escape while you can...

The "Science Summit" on World Population: A Joint Statement by 58 of the World's Scientific Academies details the obvious, and has a gem of observation at the bottom of the page; The Coming Anarchy, by Robert Kaplan.
"Disease, overpopulation, unprovoked crime, scarcity of resources, refugee migrations, the increasing erosion of nation-states and international borders, and the empowerment of private armies, security firms, and international drug cartels are now most tellingly demonstrated through a West African prism. West Africa provides an appropriate introduction to the issues, often extremely unpleasant to discuss, that will soon confront our civilization."
And what of us? The masses, huddled against the chaos, in dis-belief and only briefly sated by consumerist faith. We are seen, accurately, as meme meat. This review of Jeremy Rifkin's The End of Work is by Bob Black, who asks What is Wrong With This Picture? - A critique of a neo-futurist's vision of the decline of work.
"They will be managed by bread and circuses. The bread consists of modest transfer payments maintaining the useless poor at subsistence level as helpless wards of the state. The circuses will be provided by the awesome techno-spectacles of what, in the wake of the Gulf War, can only be called the military-entertainment complex. Hollywood and the Pentagon will always be there for each other."
Now that there is virtually no chance of being deemed topical, the Toxic Custard Guide To Australia is fun; with a little Syd_ah_ney bashing on the side.
"You can even get a McOz - the (probably unique) Australian burger with beetroot on it. Also available are the McRooBurger and the McWitchety-Grub."
Declarative propositions disturb me, as does the puddle on the carpet from trying to hold a glass of water; without the glass. The Cluetrain Manifesto
"When we're not busy being your "target market," many of us are your people. We'd rather be talking to friends online than watching the clock. That would get your name around better than your entire million dollar web site. But you tell us speaking to the market is Marketing's job."
What happens to society when there are hundreds of microchips for every man, woman and child on the planet? What cultural consequences follow when every object around us is 'smart', and connected? And what happens psychologically when you step into the garden to look at the flowers – and the flowers look at you? The design challenge of pervasive computing presents a manifesto that focuses on details that could perhaps inform the above cluetrain pronunciamento.
Article 6
"We believe that 'content' is something you do, not something you are given."
...and just when you think you've seen it all!, Liberated Christians (!?) bring us Sybian, for Maximum Sexual Pleasure.
"Yes, the device is deucedly expensive."
tantra mechanica
David Porush assembled a bevy of brain-stretching documents as background for Converging on Opportunity. A prediction that rings true: By 2006 we will have shitloads of transmission protocols for the home user which gives them hundreds and thousands and millions of kilobytes of bandwith in, but still at like 30k going out. Why? Because the average user is a lame web surfer, still.
"When the instant speed of information movement begins...there is a collapse of delegated authority and a dissolution of the pyramid and management structures made familiar in the organizational chart. The separation of functions and the division of spaces, stages, and tasks ...tend to dissolve through the organic interrelations of electricity."
Marshall McLuhan, 1964
Not to be let off on a technicality like it being the weekend, Media Temporalities in the Internet: Philosophy of Time and Media with Derrida and Rorty is an assignment that will reap rewards come Monday meeting time.
"The current situation is characterized by a plurality of heterogenous time concepts."
Compare the statement: Ninety percent of the world's births and 77 percent of its deaths will take place in LDCs (less developed countries) in 1998., and this one: It takes 2,500 gallons of water, 12 pounds of grain, 35 pounds of topsoil and the energy equivalent of one gallon of gasoline to produce one pound of feedlot beef...... Sustainability, Carrying Capacity, and Overconsumption. Note the list on the right side that shows energy consumption by country; I am one em-bare-assed Canuck.

I have a case of gastro-ethical neuroburn from my double-burger and cheese, but Spider Robinson to the rescue with a look back from the future; When we will be like the gods.
"Right around your day," she explains, "worldwide population reached the point at which half the geniuses that ever lived were alive -- and all had access to excellent tools and resources. The Singularity was inevitable."
The Global Studies Program appears to be the purview of those who would grok the really big picture and make sense of the Gaian ideosphere's macro-fractal-(dis)order. Changes in Global Society is a proposal put together by the triune of Minnesota-Stanford-Wisconsin, and may indicate a change in approach to interdisciplinary studies.
"The Consortium is an educational experiment that is fostering more adequate understanding of the complexities of change in contemporary global society."
Representing the Impossible: (Past, Present, and Future): Time Travel in A Christmas Carol and Beyond investigates temporal distortion in the only way in which it can, and in the process expands my fiction.
"Time travel is impossible: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that."
War, conflict, violence, intractable disputes; all providing meat for our media in it's choice of selectively attended 'fact', and purposefully created fiction. Understanding Conflict and War, Vol. 1 The Dynamic Psychological Field by R.J. Rummel.
"My theoretical framework sees us individually as a dynamic psychological field of disposition and powers, and humankind as a dialectical balance of these individual fields within an intentional field comprising our sociocultural environments and physical ecology."
Michael Parenti brings it home, with Hidden Holocaust, USA. The level of suffering is truly obscene, and at least partly due to mechanisms and misguided legislation designed to alleviate suffering. For example, every year 1,300,000 suffer some kind of injury related to treatment at hospitals, 2,000,000 to 4,000,00 women are battered. Domestic violence is the single largest cause of injury and second largest cause of death to U.S. women, 5,100,000* are behind bars or on probation or parole.
"Official bromides to the contrary, we are faced with a hidden holocaust, a social pathology of staggering dimensions. Furthermore, the above figures do not tell the whole story. In almost every category an unknown number of persons go unreported."
The military view is obviously of a more pragmatic disposition. Spotting Trouble - Identifying Faltering and Failing States
"It should be reemphasized that the final determination of a state's potential for failure rests on no single area. For example, in the United States (a nation that is not deemed in danger of failure) one could cite failure to control borders and high crime rates as potentially serious problems."
all we are asking
The positively vibrant pages of YES! bring us an article by Jean Houston that suggests that rather than dehumanizing or consumerizing us, we can see the internet as a place where a new species intelligence is being born. cyber consciousness
"Resonance has become more important than relevance, and we are starting to believe that reality is a tissue of interrelated stories. Cyberspace is changing our worldview. Discreet forms break down, and everything is known to be linked."
While we have been busy worrying about the bomb, Rachael Carson's vision has effectively come to pass; with certain consequences. Neurotoxicity, developmental toxicity, endocrine toxicity, immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, musculoskeletal toxicity and cardiovascular toxicity will result in a chaotic Chemical Manipulation of Consciousness, Behavior, Health and Evolutionary Potential in the Human Population. 'scuse me, I just farted.

Katherine Neville, The Magic Circle: Adventures in Research
"I've travelled all over the world researching The Magic Circle--and have had a lot of adventures and seen a lot of things that didn't end up in the book. Here's your chance to read about some of them."
Perhaps the sane explication of our implicate need to collectively co-habit lies in creating a global field of interconnected Intentional Communities. Inte(r)n(e)tCom?
"Imagine again all this love
painting people in peace and life
And surrender to the dreamer
John was not the only one
We hope the moment too to come
and love change all as one"
Mark Borcherding
Knowing as we do that "the times, they are a-changing", we are left wondering What Job You Can Accept. Tyranny is not only maintained by the jack-boots, but also by those who keep the books for those who make the firing pins for those who make the guns for the authoritarian Suidae. Aw, man, my coffee was an ethically bereft purchase....
"In its most general form the problem appears as a near-omnipresent threat of moral prostitution."
A Psychohistorical Analysis of the Japanese American Internment also brings to attention the implications such action has for other vulnerable groups. Our current mass internment of victims and their property in the 'War on Drug Peace' is no less despicable.
"Even a political system with checks and an extremely strong judiciary will not always champion those (human) rights successfully. The Justices of the US Supreme Court are themselves prisoners of culture."
Orgasms and Epilepsy
"All you, healthy people, do not even suspect what happiness is, that happiness which we epileptics experience during the second before the attack. During a few moments I feel such a happiness that it is impossible to realize at other times, and other people cannot imagine it."
Godwin Revisited: Anarchism for the Real World by Christopher Joseph Roberson
"Presumably, a community should not have any of the fatal features that make states so unappealing. But in order to say just what those features are, we will need to know just what it is that we are objecting to."
As our support continues to erode for those who for whatever reason are outside the capitalist metameme, the quiet revolution of sense enters limenal view. Radical Cities and Social Revolution: An Interview with Janet Biehl.
"Whatever the cause of the crisis, when it does develop, its social outcome will by no means necessarily be a rational, ecological, and libertarian society. Its outcome could be a dictatorship, or chaos. If the crisis is to result in emancipation, at least some degree of consciousness of the liberatory alternative will have to be in place beforehand."
Stephen Kline discusses the sordid world of character marketing, and offers a solution to advert pollution similar to the Proxomitron, which does a great job of de-commercializing the web.
"I am actually launching a campaign to get people to convert the V-chip to an A-chip--by setting it to exclude all unrated programs, the advertising magically disappears from your screen!"
David Deutsch uses his substantial talent to reveal the The Final Prejudice.
"The real prejudice, then, is against children as people; not against their shapes but against their minds."
Manifesto in Hypertext boosts my morale significantly, bringing me Zen-like 'back to one'. My meaning is clear, "their" meanies far from it. Dr. Menlo is a 'blogger as well as a great writer.
"This is the newest--and it will be the greatest--nonviolent truly global revolution there ever was. (The people, anyway, would like for it to be nonviolent. The American/global police state has other ideas.)"
Imagination crushed by adult "realism", Arthur Paul Patterson grew up to bring us this tale of inight into play; for real. Catch Us If You Can.
"My inner child has the pernicious habit of throwing himself down the stairs."
Peter Wayne is a writer at large, who has largely been driven by his obsessions. In A Crooked Life he shows his talents undiminished regardless of his falls from grace.
"The last we heard, Peter was back in familiar territory--trying to book into a hotel in Soho, saying that his publishers would pick up the tab."
Ravi Mattu
I just recieved in the mail the future requirements, Jan 1/01, for gun ownership here in Canada. We will need a license to own a gun, and a license for the gun. I live in the Yukon, and there's bears out there! I don't carry a gun, but I do make lots of noise (did you know cauliflower washed down with milk gives one rear seat drive?). Now, there was a cougar in downtown Victoria once, completely freaked no doubt, last I heard though L.A. does not abound with dangerous wild animals. Maybe the noise thing world work against dangerous wild people. Gun Crazy: Constitutional False Consciousness and Dereliction of Dialogic Responsibility.
"This is an Article about the causes and costs of false consciousness -- false consciousness regarding the constitutional concept of the "right to bear arms." This is an Article about the deceit, misperception, and dereliction of responsibility that have characterized America's dysfunctional gun control debate."
I think that if we all, personally, take the bullshit by the bollocks, there is hope. Peter A. Zuckerman's Beyond the Holocaust: Survival or Extinction? A Survival Manual for Humanity.
"Only the fearless can look into the eye of the tiger and still come away unvanquished. This is what I am asking the reader to do."
How Can New Interactive Communication Technology Enhance Harmonious and Functional Communities at all Scales Worldwide? Society, Cyberspace and the Future, collated from a workshop held in '95, is instructive both in it's deep enquiry and in reflective relevance.
"In this report, we visualize both potentially positive and negative effects on communities and identify specific near-term actions and policies which can enhance broad, informed participation in content-rich networks in the future."
Righting the World's Mistakes: An Interview with Hazel Henderson
"The fundamental issue is the very economic model underlying today's globalization of technology trade and markets. The critics, from many diverse perspectives, agree that "free trade" which does not account for social and environmental costs and cultural disruption in the price of traded goods and services, will continue to cause more harm than good."
Peter F. Drucker takes a slightly pre-web look at The Age of Social Transformation.
"The function of government and its functioning must be central to political thought and political action. The megastate in which this century indulged has not performed, either in its totalitarian or in its democratic version. It has not delivered on a single one of its promises."
Further to, and more recently than the above, the same wise Drucker examines The Global Economy and the Nation-State.
"The rules of total war are so firmly established by now that most people take them to be akin to laws of nature. With missiles, satellites, and nuclear weapons, there can be no return to the nineteenth-century belief that the military's first task is to keep war away from the country's civilians. In modern war, there are no civilians.
What can be most fervently hoped for is The End of Work - The Decline of the Global Labor Force and The Dawn of the Post-Market Era, as this compilation of quotes from Jeremy Rifkin's book clearly illustrate.
"We are, indeed, experiencing a great historic transformation into a Third Industrial Revolution and heading inexorably toward a nearly workerless world."
Fear not the big picture, nor the rather wordy title, as this essay is a clear exposition of our species current dire situation; and an invitation to resolution. Esoteric Anthropology: "Devolutionary" and "Evolutionary" Orientations in Perennial Philosophy
"One consequence of this modern spiritual dead-end is a reaction which has taken the form of a flourishing anti-intellectualism manifested in superstitious techniques to ward off fears, in naive fundamentalism, and in authoritarian cults."
The sounds of the spheres seem to be inherant. That we cannot decipher our genetic relative's music with any kind of accuracy does not bode well for our first contact with something truly alien. Music without Borders asks: when a white-breasted wood wren trills Beethoven, is it music?
"In all the theorizing over the nature of music, Baptista urges listeners to remember the plight of the musicians. A quail species that Beethoven, Schubert, and Haydn all echoed in their compositions has disappeared in parts of Europe, he laments. The Soccorro mockingbirds, which sing in counterpoint, are losing habitat to sheep."
The Conophobia Journals
"Remember the children, and strive to make this country a better place, where men and women can walk the streets without fear of obstruction by Cones, and where we can drive wherever we like quickly and safely, and above all, without having to Keep Left."
Here is the fascinating story of how the Electronic Frontier Foundation raised the level of honesty in crypto politics, and gave us all cause to pause.
"From the floor of the RSA Data Security Conference & Expo, a major data security and cryptography conference being held in San Jose, Calif., EFF's DES Cracker and the Distributed.Net computers were testing 245 billion keys per second when the key was found."
I think most of us create our own soundscape, or endure that imposed by kids, dogs, neighbors and other such cyberdetractors, while we are occupied on the internet. Erik Davis looks at Acoustic Cyberspace.
"Acoustic space is capable of simultaneity, superimposition, and nonlinearity, but above all, it resonates."
Le Monde Diplomatique has a wealth of articles translated to english, including Operation Terminator, which warns against the coming attempts to mediocritize and control our food.
"The genetic-industrial complex, for its part, is trying to make more and more money. Confusing the agent with the cause, it drums into us that these social ills are genetic and therefore individual, transforming every well individual into a potential patient, expanding the market to the limit - as it previously did for seed with hybrids and as it will with Terminator."
The Global Intelligence Center, perhaps better described as 'what's really going on out there', is a huge resource that literally (un)covers global insanity.
"According to recent reports, Russia's population shrinks by about 2,500 every day. To successfully counter greater threats with fewer people, Russian foreign policy must become even more unyielding."
This sad commentary is more like what passes for global intelligence. Ex-President Ernesto Samper Pizano states Columbia's Commitment Toward a Global Agenda Against Drugs; and he also positively begs to be let in the club by toeing the PanoptiCorp line.
"We must urgently advance the Global Agenda Against Drugs that Colombia proposes, and I encourage everyone to become involved in this process."
Steve Courtney writes a new review of an old bestseller which, to our common shame, was a bit optimistic. 'Looking Backward' to a brighter, better world in 2000
"You choose your job according to "natural tastes and gifts." If there are too many applicants for a job, only the best qualified get them, but less-attractive jobs are made more attractive by shorter hours."
Dr. Bart Huges must have a hole in his head. This self-trepanner and sugar discussant believes that by inflicting The Hole To Luck one gains expanded consciousness and re-vitalization. Now, if I could use that brain-bung as an input jack for the orgasmotron....
"I advocate the availability of trepanation for every adult who wants it."
A human who has the ear of President-Presumed Al Gore is Thomas Homer-Dixon. Do you think they ponder Resource Scarcity, Institutional Adaptation, and Technical Innovation: Can Poor Countries Attain Endogenous Growth?
"Resource depletion and degradation in poor economies may have their most inimical effect not by directly constraining growth but by indirectly affecting the potential of these economies to innovate."
I can hear you asking: Who has better hearing, city or country folk?
"The regional differences were more pronounced in men than in women."
Tofu may have a shrinking effect on the brain. I'll stick to fillet de moose.
"This finding is consistent with the environmental causation suggested from the earlier analysis, and provides evidence that soy (tofu) phytoestrogens causes vascular dementia."
A weird, rare find, this speech given by Robert G. Ingersoll to the AFA shows remarkable insight; especially since it was delivered in 1888.
"Now, I believe that everything in the world that tends to make man happy, is moral. That is my definition of morality. Anything that bursts into bud and blossom, and bears the fruit of joy, is moral."
I quit! Wait a minute, I don't have a job (if you hire me, I promise I'll quit...how much??). Ok, I quit quitting then, I just won't start, again, in the first place. Bob Black, clearly the antimedian to Conrad the UnKnighted, says no one should ever work. I concur, and await the conclusive end of re-perceived slavery. Genuine novelty ahead.
"No one can say what would result from unleashing the creative power stultified by work. Anything can happen."
The Canadian Association of the Non-Employed has a fine article on Guaranteed Annual Income, or Non-Conditional Income, and gives me hope that Canada can take a world-leading approach on this critical issue.

When I expire I would like to think that my progeny, and theirs', could access these pages. A visit to Things to Do on the Web When You're Dead sets my mind at ease. Now, actually viewing these what will then be dated pages, may disturb them greatly...to think I lived in an age when certain states of consciousness were illegal, when children were dispatched to centralized schools and daycares, when GlobalCorp ensured that cheap labor was available, when the echoed horrors of the Century of Growth erupted in interminable spotfires, when we were all just beginning to feel and see what could be...
"I was honored that my friend asked me to protect something so precious to him, and I willingly agreed. But I wonder how many people's sites are simply being "turned off" when they no longer have a voice (or a checkbook) to sustain them. I keep thinking: If my grandparents had built a Web site, wouldn't I want it archived and available on the net in the years to come for my grandchildren?"
Nature's vacuum cleaners, but they don't do dust. Oh well, I live with two and have learned much. Like barbeque potato chips are not food, but cat feces is a delicacy. Like if you want to sniff a lady's crotch, just stink (sic) your honker right in there. Like, dogs are smart, man.
"Csányi even goes so far as to compare canine attachment with human love--empathy incarnate. Masson believes that dogs could teach us a thing or two about love and, indeed, may already have done so."
Playing by Nature's Paradigm: Systems Science and the Grateful Dead
"It is my belief that the band (and others of their generation) did their best to live less by the laws of Western civilization and more by the natural ways of the Universe-- what we might call Nature's Paradigm."
Decisions we make now will reverberate for generations, and may indeed define our evolution. Privacy for individuals is essential, as no pragmatic observer could envision a truly transparent, and therefore utterly tolerant, society. Should corporations enjoy the same right to complete privacy? What about our government? Is total privacy conducive to the needed trust for peace, or is it the divide that will allow GlobalCorp to conquer us all? Who Wants Privacy?

Spider Robinson has moved His Columnship from the peerless (ha!) Globe Conglomupire to the saner spacean of Galaxy, where may be found the never lost question to the answer "we just hate him!".
"If we had (opted for an alternative OS), that system might now be the de facto world standard instead of Windows. We did not, in short, have to settle for 32-bit extensions and a graphical shell for a 16-bit patch to an 8-bit operating system originally coded for a 4-bit microprocessor, written by a 2-bit company that can't stand 1-bit of competition."
Where I live it is prudent to have a healthy fear of grizzly bears. Where you live it may be equally prudent to be wary of the hunters of the urban forest. But I don't think I would walk in the Yukon bush in the summer if the news broadcasts were full of bears "disemboweling and eating human" stories. Skeptical Enquirer reviews The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things by Barry Glassner.

Summerhill School was a place of my dreams as a child. Stuck in the factory-school culture of Western education and having been entheogenically awakened (giving away my age this was 1970), it was torturous to know what could be but wouldn't.
"Summerhill children are coming to the House of Commons, on 15th and 16th March, to have their voices heard. The children are angry that they have not been listened to. The process that is threatening to close their school, the oldest children's democracy in the world, has ignored the children's voices."
If a child watches 4 hours of TV a day, that would be about 1 hour of commercials as well as sundry product tie-ins and products that are shows. Now if I take my child and spend 5 minutes every day going over Consumer Angst, or similar material, I'd probably be branded as a crank.
"It is very likely that most of your dissatisfactions are a carefully engineered preparation for consumerism. So examine your dissatisfactions – keep only those that, if discarded, might kill you. Toss the rest."
Although presented some days early, I have never been one for temporal location. The Pliocene Pussycat Theory postulates that the survival of our particular branch of homonid was enhanced, or indeed made possible by Felis catus.
"I have already demonstrated how australopithecines could have met their food needs by use of the cat and how they could have used cats for defense, now I will show how they could have used cats for night time shelter."
Tao Site, www.tao.ca, presents the egalitarian web as it (c)should be.
"Tao Communications is a regional federation comprised of local autonomous collectives and individuals. We organize networks in order to defend and expand public space and the right to self-determination. We create knowledge through independent public interest research, and distribute it freely through participatory education."
How often does reading an article actually change how you behave? You want to decide whether to take an umbrella? It may not be your best bet to listen to the weather forecast. Base-rate errors and weather forecasts provides the dry facts, and useful understanding for my wetware.

Grinning Idiot Press brings us Why I have been studying Vampires since 1972. When I was done reading this short essay I was grinning like an idiot; but then it hit me, my ex is a robot.

Douglas Valentine has been close to the King family, doing research for them, and here provides a good synopsis of Who Killed Martin Luther King.

Sally Lerner told us a decade ago about where the (un)employment scene was going, and must go if we are to be a sustainable society. In The Future of Work in North America; Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, Beyond Jobs we are led to a world in which education and employment have been repercieved.
"No democratic society is sustainable that refuses to face and deal with the basic needs of its citizens. Rapid technological change and the globalization of economic activity are re-structuring the North American economy, and with it the nature and future of work in the United States and Canada."
Minions by any other name, those of the ether-elite play by the same ethical standards as their material counterparts. Which means that most of those in the internet business, or the business of the internet, are The Cyberdamned.
"Richard Howard, a former employee, is dubious about the revolutionary character of social relations in the new economy: "We basically did drone work and had people breathing down our necks all the time. How revolutionary is that? The only difference is that a lot of supervisors had pierced ears and wore leather." "
A teacher and his class determined to put Nicola Tesla in his proper historical place, and we all can wonder why he has been Erased at the Smithsonian.
"Tesla died January 7, 1943, alone, and all but forgotten, in a New York hotel room, paid for by a meager stipend provided by a foreign government."
Give Brain Food a chance to load and your intellicart will be overflowing with cerebral fodder. This is an incredible compendium of essays, humor, and verrry scarrry things.
"What becomes of the surplus of human life? It is either, 1st. destroyed by infanticide, as among the Chinese and Lacedemonians; or 2d. it is stifled or starved, as among other nations whose population is commensurate to its food; or 3d. it is consumed by wars and endemic diseases; or 4th. it overflows, by emigration, to places where a surplus of food is attainable."
James Madison, 1791
I am bitter with poverty today, even while remaining amazed at life in general, and mine in particular. My personal travails are of little consequence in the grand scheme but do provide me with deep acquaintance of how it feels, as well as an abiding desire to erase it's causes.
Freedom from Poverty: A Fundamental Human Right
Human rights and sustainable human development are interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

In the preface to his book The Future of Money: Beyond Greed and Scarcity, Bernard Lietaer concludes that we must re-invent our understanding of wealth.
"This book is therefore about money. But not about how to make, invest, or spend money. Not even about how we do, can or should relate to money. There are already plenty of good books about all that. This is about the concept of money itself, how the current system affects our societies, and about how we can rethink and redesign it for different collective purposes."
One obvious yet hotly decried solution is that of a Guaranteed Annual Income. The Calvinist ethic must give way to repercepted wealth.

Robert Theobald, an economist, reminds us in Toward Full Unemployment that we should put down the tool when we've finished the job.
"We are now at the point where we need to understand the concept of wage slavery. Failure to do this will bind people to employers just as firmly as chattel slavery bound slaves to their owners. It is our responsibility to open this debate in ways which do not lead to the same level of anguish and bitterness as started the civil war."
Spread the posi-meme of random acts of kindness and play the Generosity Game. More fulfilling than a win at solitair, less psychically destructive than snakes and ladders, astounding in anonymity yet intensely personal. Just do it. All you need is love.

John McCain is a hawk in the drug war, espouses 'family values', and doesn't have a clue about real families or drug use and abuse. Co-opting Cindy McCain's addiction and recovery for political gain while the poor and non-influential are in jail for the same "criminal" behavior, he exemplifies cynical hypocrisy. Stanton Peele writes a telling piece originally printed in Los Angeles Times, February 14, 2000.
"In other words, Cindy McCain was using drugs while raising small children, one of whom she adopted while she was an addict. In most states, family services will remove children from a woman who is known to be an active drug addict, and she would certainly not be allowed to adopt a child while addicted."
Human rights, as charity, should begin at home. The situation in the U.S., never anything to brag about, seems to be getting worse. Would any Presidential candidate care to take this issue front and center?
"On December 10, 1998, President Bill Clinton issued an executive order affirming the U.S. commitment to honor its obligations under the international human rights treaties to which it is a party. By doing so, the president raised expectations that the United States would begin to embrace international human rights standards at home, ending the country's longstanding failure to acknowledge human rights law as U.S. law. As 1999 ended, however, little progress stemming from the executive order was apparent. Most public officials remained either ignorant of their human rights obligations or content to ignore them."
Father, son and the holy dollar
"Five years ago it still remained possible to occupy a third position in the world, a neither/nor of refusal or slyness, a realm outside the dialectic--even a space of withdrawal;--disappearance as will to power."
"But now there is only one world--triumphant "end of History", end of the unbearable pain of imagination--actually an apotheosis of cybernetic Social Darwinism. Money decrees itself a law of Nature, and demands absolute liberty."
Snakes and rapids and paradise, Oh my! Bill Belleville writes a wonderful tale of adventure in Guyana, and leaves me wondering what's in the yellow mustard.
"And then, as if to shatter any shards of ethnocentricity I might have remaining: "Sometimes, visitors bring photographs and you see the concrete jungles and understand what can happen to a place when the people forget what is important."
I am not a vegetarian, but I would much rather eat a roast from an ex-cow that was happy in life. In our economy of scale, my ex-mooing munch is just another commodity; hamburger on the hoof. At MeatStinks.com an antimeme approach is used to get across that non-human animals have rights too, and the Lettuce Ladies show how to educate with veggies.

For a reason I can't quite put my finger on, or my arm around, I wanted to find out what research in human pheremone response has discovered. Perhaps the anecdotal evidence is best.
"I love to see a lady with hairy armpits. Especially sweaty, hairy pits that get all matted down from the wetness, either from a hot, humid day, or during lovemaking. The scent of the sweat gives me tremendous arousal, and I enjoy mutual licking of each others armpits."
"The National Security State is gearing up for infowar, and some of their proposals may have serious repercussions on your digital freedom."
National Security and the Information Revolution is a well presented case for vigilance.

He has seen the future, and it is murder. Eight years on, and Leonard Cohen's words and music are still urging us to look. The following snippet is from Democracy, and is most apt in this year of democracy's test.
From the wars against disorder,
from the sirens night and day,
from the fires of the homeless,
from the ashes of the gay:
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A
Strategic Issues Today provides unique insight into how America conducts its foriegn affairs.
"Rhodes, ultimately, was "bottom-line" oriented, seeking to control gold, diamonds and other natural resources. The current crowd seeks to control government and to "tax" corporations by many "positive" and "negative" means (including class-action and anti-trust litigation) as their means of establishing government and bureaucratic control over a global economy that is less and less dependent on government."
Mindless in America points out that much of our daily grind is performed autonomically. So, if you're here, now, pay attention, eh!?!

Thanks to my friend William for directing me to Could Gambling Save Science, which reminds us that popular science isn't always right science; and proposes a market type approach - "idea futures". Following up on this idea (erk) Tom W. Bell poses Hard Questions; Questionable Answers.
"The state that takes the initiative in encouraging the first real market in idea futures has much to gain and nothing to lose. By hosting the first idea futures market, it will inextricably associate itself with a cutting-edge, high-tech institution that will enjoys the attention of policy-makers, researchers, and journalists everywhere."
The Halcyon Cosmopolitan Entertainment is sporting a new url and has an absolutely first rate collection of connections. In the same vein but with a more direct focus is The One behind the Many, subtitled The Purporsive Evolution and Involution of Consciousness in the Universe. These are both jumping off points of the first water for all "Homo Noeticus" potentiates.

Toxins from Russia drop on Alaska and Yukon, middle America pollutes southern Ontario and Quebec, and those sausages I ate are dead, processed bio-concentrators chock full of chemical yummies. Did you know that humans are taking longer to decompose due to preservative consumption? At chem-tox.com you can get the motivation to perform a self-purification ritual.
"Illnesses now identified include brain cancer, neuroblastoma, neurological disorders, immune system dysfunction, asthma, allergies, infertility, miscarriage, and child behavior disorders including learning disabilities, mental retardation, hyperactivity and ADD"
One question that must be dealt with is whether the advances in bio-implants, cybernetics and so on, are to be equitably distributed. In A Question for Egalitarians, Samuel Freeman refutes the status quo and proves the trickle-down theory as only fit for weak prostates.
"A social system set up to award the great proportion of primary social goods to those already most favored by birth only compounds the misfortune of the worse off, and doubly rewards those already naturally (or socially) favored."
The Basic Psychological Features of E-Mail Communication is analytical, yet simple.
"Some people take advantage of this convenient "zone for reflection." Some do not. When I receive a message that emotionally stirs me up, I apply my "Hold On!" rule of thumb. I compose a reply without sending it (or write nothing), wait 24 hours, then go back to reread the other person's message and my unsent reply."
With the widespread and often indefensible use of the drug ritalin to deal with attention deficit disorder, our children are in an untenable position. Already abused by the adult econoculture and forced into factory schools, those afflicted are then drugged into a submission supported by all those in power. A group that gets very little attention indeed are students with internalizing disorders such as depression, anxiety, and social withdrawal.

Virtually everyone was surprised by the relatively calm fall of communism in 1989.
"(Here is) - "evidence which explains in the actual words of Communist leaders now for the first time in English how the system imposed by Stalin's armies gave way in the face of popular protest, largely without violent repression."
The NSA Declassified, The Documents
"The particularly sensitive nature of communications intelligence (COMINT) activities was highlighted by paragraph 6, which noted that such activities should be treated "in all respects as being outside the framework of other or general intelligence activities." Thus, regulations or directives pertaining to other intelligence activities were not applicable to COMINT activities."
Bruce Grierson forges ahead to see Shock's Next Wave, and the view ain't pretty. This is from Adbusters.
"I'm going to argue that there are now three levels of shock in advertising: visceral shock, intellectual shock and, for lack of a better term, "soul" shock."
"The grim story began on July 20, 1950..."; and it still continues in ways that we are of course unaware of in the present. Perhaps a lesson that can be taken from A History of Secret CIA Mind Control Research is that power should only be given to those who do not want it. This article from Nexus magazine is subtitled Techniques used by Government agencies for mind control.

Putting our focus of attention on creating ever more efficient instruments of war incalculably diminishes our vision of peace. In this proposal from the USAF we can learn how billions of tax dollars are spent on research to ensure military superiority.

Chaos Politics is one of the websays available at Essays on Conspiracy Culture. I'm conspirin' to make this my last conspiracy type link; but there's a conspiracy agin' me!
"Conspiracy theorists and hack politicos both make the same mistake about politics, a failure to acknowledge and understand it as a product of chaotic forces that are beyond control by individuals, organizations, or institutions."
If Al Gore could be perfectly honest about his past, and relate those experiences to his plans were he elected president, he might actually do a good job. A DRCNet Exclusive by Adam J. Smith, reports the story Newsweek wouldn't.

Ideas that sounded good to the inventor but not to(o) many others may be found at the Gallery of Obscure Patents; such as this flushable vehicle spittoon.
George Bush, Skull & Bones and the New World Order is a white paper that was destined for a Japanese audience. I am constitutionally repelled by conspiracy theories, if only because having people keep quiet about things is well nigh impossible and anyway, why ascribe intent to that which may be explained by chance. And yet....
"The Skull & Bones members believe in the idea of "constructive chaos." By keeping their true policy intentions secret, by constantly sending out mixed signals on all critical policy issues, they consciously seek to sow confusion among both their nominal "friends" and "enemies" alike."
We're hit, we're hit!! A meteorite flared across our skies this morning creating a bright light, a remarkable smoke trail, some said a sulpherous odor. and general excitement. Impacting or disintegrating near the town of Carcross, Yukon, it may have also caused a power surge as we lost our power at that exact time. If a larger sized meteorite were to strike a populated area the damage could be considerable. We may be able to prevent an asteroid from intercepting us, but I don't think we'd even see a meteorite coming. *News just in - the object detonated about 25km up and 9km from Carcross with an energy of about 1/10 that of the Hiroshima bomb. Word has it that a meteorite of this size strikes the earth about once per year.*

How cold is cold? It was cold here last week, bottoming out at -43C here in Whitehorse, but that is a walk in the park compared to a warm day on Mars. This got me thinking about self-contained biospheres or perhaps integrated eco-strings or, what I'm planning here, a co-existent intrasphere. Is that the eventual future of cities?

I imagine that if one took the arms dealers and manufacturers of North America out of the world market and then fully legalized hemp and cannabis, we could really watch our economy grow. Instead we make destruction of life attractive. Counter Punch looks at The Arms Pushers.

"Seraphic pork. John Travolta stars as a dirty, bellicose, beer-bellied angel -- wings and all -- who summons three tabloid journalists to an Iowa motel in Nora Ephron's forcedly magical drama."
If you like movie reviews with spunk, then Rob Walton's The Big Picture will help you empty the popcorn bowl. If you know the name of the movie that that review excerpt is referring to, I'm sorry.

Oxymoronic word pairs always promise to be interesting, and Empirical Metaphysics certainly doesn't disappoint.
"Universe : Physics = People : Empirical Metaphysics"
According to this report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) there are a huge number of characteristics of doomsday religious movements. This one seems characteristic of the CSIS itself.
"Dualism - The belief that the world is fractured into two opposing camps of Good and Evil, which confers a profound significance on small social and political conflicts as evidence of this great cosmic struggle, and which could precipitate a violent response."
At the individual level, some believe that deprogramming is the responsible response to a loved one's spiritual transgressions. Others see that as kidnapping and enforced reacculturation. The Judges say....

Perhaps an ultimate answer could be had by consulting with an Omniscient Psychologist!

There's nothing like a good mystery, and I've been drawn into researching "Camp X" by a show during spy week on the History channel. Here is the book Inside - Camp X. The mystery now is, where is chapter 1?

Cheri Honkala gives a deeply poignant account of life immersed in a culture of poverty, in a presentation to the Hague Appeal for Peace.

A prize to die for is the Darwin Award, which celebrates contributions to genetic excellence. " Winners minimized their own genetic contribution by suffering idiotic and fatal misadventures, thereby dousing our gene pool with chlorine."

The new Atlantic Monthly has a great look at diffusionist versus independent inventionist views of Old and New World contact; or lack thereof. I wonder, if there was significant pre-1492 contact, why had the new world inhabitants not developed antibodies to the old world diseases they would also have contacted.

Utopias provide hope for the suffering, mental mastication for the intellectual, power for the dictator, delusions for the masses and fodder for the writer. Pie in the sky and all, Steven Weinberg looks at the future of utopian thinking. From the Atlantic Monthly as well.

Donald A. Wollheim writes: "The struggle to see whether these newly created mechanisms, these new arts, new sciences--electronics, plastics, chemistry, invention, power transportation, super communication, biologic discoveries to see whether they will compel man to alter himself and his society, his customs and traditions, to suit them or whether they can be forced to serve man without exacting some adjustment in turn." Written in 1941 for Cosmic magazine, we can see that little has changed. From the same deep well at Virginia Tech's Speculative Fiction Project comes an idea for marketing the latest technology - I could sure use a new desk!

Never did like the walrus or the carpenter much. Ken Walton provides a welcome rebuttal.

Something the FBI would rather you didn't know about is the Bovine Insurrection. There's even a dandy Bovinational Anthem called Cows With Guns.

While listening to the radio this morning I heard about some countries preparing for Internet War. Some limited battles may have already been waged, and many of the programs we all use have deep vulnerabilities; intentional (such as trap doors) or not. TheWar, Peace and Security site, from the Canadian Armed Forces provides a map of current conflicts. Few of these combatants are major players in the internet, yet.

"Phenomenology, questions of perception, encourages us to experience architecture by walking through it, touching it, listening to it. " Seeing things" requires slipping into a world below the everyday neurosis of the functioning world. An underground city for which we have keys without locks, it is full of mysteries."

Bruce Sterling offers as good a group of observations, suggestions and warnings as I have come across lately. The wisdom for sane governance is out there, but do we have the courage to reach for cosmanity. This link comes via geegaw in winter.
"The rapidly approaching millennium offers a unique cultural opportunity. After many years of cut-and-paste, appropriation, detournement and neo-retro ahistoricality, postmodernity is about to end. Immediately after the end of the fin de siecle, there will be a sudden and intense demand for genuine novelty."
The Media Awareness Project asks some important questions in this regard that we could each put to our elected representatives. How they answer would say much about who they are as people, rather than which interest groups they represent.

To keep it straight in my mind who-all is helping to manufacture the consent required to carry out these inanities, I can refer to Consent, American Style.

Our (lack of) curiosity did (not) kill the cat. Curiosity plus meditation have made the cat a 30 million year evolutionary success. John Gribben provides a good catalyst for meditations on Quantum Mysteries. How I got from there to here is a mystery to me.

ECHELON, Comint and related activities are flourishing under the warm rain of sophisticated technology with roots deep in the very fertile (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) soil of unconstrained budgets. If we are to move toward the utterly transparent society, we must also move toward deep tolerance; the alternative is unthinkable. Here is the first chapter of The Transparent Society by David Brin.
This report provides original new documentary and other evidence about the ECHELON system and its involvement in the interception of communication satellites (section 3). A technical annexe gives a supplementary, detailed description of Comint processing methods.

"The present era, which seems to have begun with the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, needs to be redefined, probably in terms of "proto-" rather than "post-."" We are indeed on a proto-transcultural course but I have my doubts about getting beyond the polymemetic capitalist metaweb; which has its own imposserous growth paradigm. Let's get commerce jamming, eh?

Dr. Strange provides definitive answers to such mindbending postulates as: "Does the cycle of sunspot activity affect the danceability, measured in beats per minute, of popular television theme songs?"; and also presents a new graph for visualizing ones' sexual place in the scheme of things. These links are scoffed from Stay Free magazine.

Education that is essential to information age sanity is notably missing from the school curriculum. As Aldous Huxley noted in his novel Island, ecology is the prime prerequisite for understanding all other subjects and should be taught right from the start. Similarly, critical media analysis (mediology?) may begin before the television is ever turned on. Sut Jhally v. James Twitchell on Advertising is a link I think I grabbed from YAWL.

Initially adopted in 1966 and put into force (ratified) nine years later, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights is no closer to realization. Even here in Canada, arguably one of the best countries on our earthship in which to live, one does not have to read far to find that we too are breaching the covenant. A quote from the preamble: Recognizing that, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ideal of free human beings enjoying freedom from fear and want can only be achieved if conditions are created whereby everyone may enjoy his economic, social and cultural rights, as well as his civil and political rights, .....

I'm still not quite sure if my system is fully y2k compliant, but I'm not worried. Perhaps a more realistic question should be: Is My Mental Software Year 2000 Compliant?

Police think about the future too.
Many thanks to the brave souls in Seattle who demonstrated that the new world order will have to be inclusive; not the exclusive club of business interests.

To inaugurate our procession through the last pre-bimillennial lunar cycle, perhaps Gaia is preparing to extrude catamenial forces. Or maybe she just has to take a good shit. I see, among those of us alive enough to contemplate such things (for the partial death of eeking out an existance does not lend itself to the ponderous domain), a grand yearning and ability to transcend our mere humanity. Our roots will always be in the humus, but our imagination en(un)folds the (micro)cosmos as we evolve to Cosmanity. This phylogenesis is always now, and the insight divine.

I had never heard of Steven Johnson Syndrome. In these days of increasing numbers of allergic reactions and sensitivities (it's all their fault, eh), this one is really scary due to being easily diagnosed wrongly.

Find out the five principles of the positive revolution and help the earth spin a little easier on its axis. This is a FAQ inspired by Edward de Bono's book The Handbook for the Positive Revolution.

Humor relieves the tension of that we know to be disgustingly true. This is from the Onion. I have been responsible for countless barbarous acts, committing far worse crimes against humanity than that so-called madman Slobodan Milosevic. Yet it's as if I don't even exist! How many atrocities does it take to get into USA Today?

As Spider Robinson has so succinctly put; Shared pain is lessened; shared joy is increased; thus do we refute entropy.

A novelist and biblical scholar, Reynolds Price takes a fresh approach to cryptic passages and creates his own apocryphal Gospel.

Have fun with evolutionary manipulation at the Virtual Flylab. Here's what a fly in my universe looks like:

Human life is limited, but knowledge is limitless.
To drive the limited in pursuit of the limitless is fatal;
and to presume that one really knows is fatal indeed!

Many centuries ago Chuang Tzu made a truly bionomic statement. Lin Yutang offers a translation of selected texts.

An arachniography is a bibliography of web pages, such as this one (built using Arachnophilia no less). Autoscient is how I would describe the transhumanist dictionary.

A good measure of a culture's health is the tolerance of unpopular or even seditious literature. Judging by the Banned Books Resource Guide, we live in an age of deeply fried hypocrisy seasoned with spiced irony. Hmm, maybe I just need a walk in the snow.

"Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children. We owe our minds to the deaths and lives of all the creatures that were ever engaged in the struggle called Evolution. Our job is to see that all this work shall not end up in meaningless waste." Marvin Minski concludes that our future is indeed biologically limited. He also asks a vital question: Do cultures have rights?

The winner of a "first sentence of a novel or short story" award:

"There was no alternative; I had to paint the cat red."

...and a runner-up (both from the Globe and Mail):

"The Englishman, Frenchman and German broke free of the joke that had long contained them, each determined to exact a unique revenge on the teller."

Last week Canadian PM Jean Cretien decided to engage (enrage) the Quebec separatists. I challenge both sides to injest the writings of Henry Flynt, and specifically his treatise The Legal Legitimacy of Sovereignty. Perhaps political dyspepsia will have them remain on their "thrones" for the holidays. Hey Jean, Lucien, read this.

Arthur Paul Patterson takes a look at the markers of our lives in a wonderful essay; Time and Time Again. "Viewed merely chronologically, life can appear like a Kafka novel; caught in the horror of mundanity it seems to contain very little significance."

Would a marketing and management company have the straight goods on 24 Qualities That Geniuses Have in Common? When trying to establish credibility, sell perfection?

Rupert Sheldrake has been examining the phenomena of psychic pets; like mine, who invariably know when it's time for a walk or supper. While he refutes the research from the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, he does have his own new book out just in time for Crispness. Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals

Often the review is a much more insightful read than the original work. This is the case with Ralph Metzner's look at The Voice of the Earth by Theodore Roszak. He comments: "Rather the book is a wide-ranging treatise on the philosophical and psychological assumptions and value-biases that underlie 20th century psychiatry and all of the rest of contemporary culture as well."

In religion all words are dirty words.
Anybody who gets eloquent about Buddha, or God,
or Christ,
Ought to have his mouth washed out with carbolic soap.

Aldous Huxley; complete poem here.

Technologically, we can now achieve man's historical goal - a post scarcity society. But socially and culturally, we are mired in the economic relations, institutions, attitudes and values of a barbarous past, of a social heritage created by material scarcity. Murray Bookchin wrote this more than thirty years ago in a leaflet called Toward a post-scarcity society: the American perspective and the SDS. So the years go by and a system that entrenches poverty in the name of a cheap and desperate labor force continues.

I don't trade on the stock market. If I did trade on the stock market I wouldn't trade on-line. If I did trade on-line I think I would visit The Motley Fool UK. Their first class motto is to educate, amuse and enrich.


Reading this article on the ideosphere set me to thinking, which is of course always dangerous! My idea is to host an idea bank on this site. Using the standard guestbook we will be able to add and view, put forth, retract and modify any idea we deem worthy. My first suggestion is to each judge (but not harshly) our submissions by the criteria outlined in the article linked above; the first two points listed below.
1). Unexpectedness, the capacity to amaze, to disrupt theoretical paradigms and established patterns of thought
2). Originality, innovativeness, the extent to which the idea differs from others previously put forth in its field.
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