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Being a day behind and far too forward, I'd like to take you on a spin through Propaganda Land. Number 9, Number 9....
"The information revolution has led to information overload, and people are confronted with hundreds of messages each day. Although few studies have looked at this topic, it seems fair to suggest that many people respond to this pressure by processing messages more quickly and, when possible, by taking mental short-cuts.

Propagandists love short-cuts -- particularly those which short-circuit rational thought. They encourage this by agitating emotions, by exploiting insecurities, by capitalizing on the ambiguity of language, and by bending the rules of logic. As history shows, they can be quite successful."
Stand Up for Freedom, Security and Human Rights
"Amnesty International may not be able to stop our government from shredding American values, but we sure are going to try. We are here at the White House to say: We will not be intimidated. We will not be frightened. We will not be silenced. The stakes are too high; the suffering is too great; the cruelty is too blatant; the hopes are too green."
The "Longage of the Critters" by Jay Hanson
"In the last phase even staffing of the regulating agency is accomplished by drawing the agency administrators from the ranks of the regulated."
More details about the current paradigmatic association complex - the worship of man: Paradigms as Association Complexes, and Powerful Instrument of Establishments
"Inter alia, it suggests:
a) Life is consumption, up to and including the savouring of here-and-now direct experience, particularly in a social context (by the way, this is pleasant for the consumption industry);..."
Trust (!) the military's anal-ysis (um, a rectal deity?) - Fortress Europa: European Defense and the Future of the North Atlantic Alliance
"France cannot accept a politically unipolar world or the unilateralism of a single hyperpower."
Distracted beyond belief we have been neglecting to follow the money. Investment Espionage And The White House
"European reporters found that most of the suspicious pre-attack trades passed through Deutschebank and especially via CIA Executive Director A.B. Krongard's former Alex Brown investment division by means of a procedure called portage, which assures the anonymity of individuals making the transactions. But Congress has not publicly revealed whether they will call Krongard and other Alex Brown traders to testify in open hearings, or whether they will subpoena the pre-attack documents in question."
The Keystone Report provides a ballooning and bountiful bevy of connections to articles of varying merit concerning the so-called terrorist attacks of 11/9/01.
"If you're a peace activist, now is the time to study up on the crimes committed by the FBI's COINTELPRO operation against anti Vietnam protesters. Because that socially misfit loser with the bio-war bad breath standing next to you, you know, the one trying to get you to "make a statement" by committing an illegal act, is probably an undercover FBI informant."
Transparency - tries to make things clear
"One of the goals of this web site is to help readers break the symbiotic tie to our (their) culture and to help free people up from intellectual, emotional and political dependence on, and fear of, those in power."
Technology for nonviolent struggle

David Brin thinks that non-transparency is not an option, and has staked his entire literary pot on this play. As with any application of science, technology does not go away by decree, ignore-ance, or act of will. We can attempt to enact laws that may have a temporary balmative effect, but this may have a long term rebound in that we can't break the law - they can.

I am desperately loathe to agree with David's analysis, as I believe that privacy is not a negotiable part of freedom. Yet he is beyond convincing - I am afraid (literally) he is right. The Transparent Society - Will Technology Force us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom?
"Now suppose we try to improve things by passing laws and sending forth regulators with clipboards -- commanding that all restaurants erect a maze of paper shoji screens to keep customers from ogling other patrons. Will this prevent staring, or increase it?"
Consider the pig. Where we stand
"TSA is designing a computer system that can screen airline passengers by instantaneously retrieving and analyzing information about them from commercial and government databases. The system would scrutinize data such as previous travel habits, past criminal convictions, visa status, financial condition (!), employment circumstances (!) and more."
Consider the rat. Policy, Strategy, Action Key to Homeland Security
"The need for homeland security today, however, is as much tied to the vulnerability of American society as it is to any specific terrorist threat. Simply put, we are at greater risk and more vulnerable to attack because we are a free and open society."
Consider the eagle. - We All Live in a See-All World
"He is quick to add, however, that all new technologies potentially can help and threaten the U.S. military, and DigitalGlobe is looking for guidance from the Defense Department about how best to mitigate the risks."
Consider the owl. - Surveillance Camera Players
"The "decentered" state is the bright side of globalization, and crime is the dark side. Got that? It's simple enough: crime is bad, and the global State is good.

But the specter of Orwell still hasn't gone away, even for Reg Whitaker, who concludes his book with remarks more suited to someone who loves rather than resists Big Brother. "One area in which states do have a comparative advantage over corporations is in the exercise of coercion," Whitaker writes in his book's weird last chapter. "The technologies of surveillance and repression may be developed and exercised more by states, and by state networks. Here is where Big Brother comes back as an outsourced consultant. [...] Big Brother is needed once again, but -- and this point must be underlined emphatically -- only as a functionally specialized consultant, not to run the show itself." Got that? A good Big Brother, one who knows his proper place and function (to murder "criminals" and "terrorists" only); a Big Brother who doesn't get too greedy and blow it all for everyone else, like last time."
Consider the Lizard - Weekly Defense Monitor
"History's most fundamental lesson is that military force usually spawns opposition, not compliance. [President George W.] Bush imagines that by smashing Iraq the USA will coerce other aspirants to regional power to abandon their ambitions. Rome had similar visions, as has every momentary hegemony. Nearly all undermined their power by abusing it in that manner."
A Tack in the Shoe: Neutralizing and Resisting the New Surveillance is a must-read-keeper of a paper by Gary T. Marx, that enlightens us with Eleven behavioral techniques of neutralization intended to subvert the collection of personal information....

Also available by G.T. Marx are Sex, Truth and Video Tapes: The Case of the French Babysitter, a case study, and Technology and Social Control: The Search for the Illusive Silver Bullet, in which we are reminded that A well known, if often na´ve expression given social inequality, holds that where there is a will there is a way. This speaks to the role of human effort in obtaining goals. With the control possibilities made available by science and technology this may be reversed to where there is a way there is a will.
"'Distorting moves' manipulate the surveillance collection process such that, while offering technically valid results, the inferences drawn from a test or inspection about performance, behavior or attribute are invalid. This contrasts with 'switching' in which the socially misleading inference involves identity."
Hope, with cautions, from a socialist perspective: The Internet: Capitalism's extraordinary mistake
"Elimination of privacy is the major threat that the Internet poses today, with associated implications for freedom of association. Modern technologies and systems are being designed to track Internet users wherever they are, with an accuracy of a few city blocks. For a technology that is nominally geography independent this is a major change."
A State of Terror - How many 'terrorist' groups has your government established, sponsored or networked lately?
"What appears does not equal what is. Protest must be carried out in support of yourself upon a daily basis.
Unity and empathy are our planet's best hope.
When the consequences are worth it, the odds are never too great."

I am you and you are me, XYZ to ABC. You, me, us, we are one.
(Pop Will Eat Itself, "XYZ", Care for Sanity album, BMG Records, 1990)
The good soldier - now there's a concept
"In Vietnam, a good American soldier there was defined by his countrymen as a stupid monster, and in many cases he probably was. Friendly fire deaths were rampant and the only time a soldier looked glamorous was when he was calling in an air strike, often on the wrong target. Technology was on the rise and the soldier was sinking.

Soldiers seem old-fashioned now, like needles on record players.

We need peacekeepers, but actual soldiers? Canada doesn't have many of them. This annoys the United States, but it is beginning to make Canada look ahead of its time."
The European Surveillance Union details some of the moves by Interpol to monitor our communications. Meanwhile, trying to find the hole in the dike the Dutch Government Can't Confirm Existence of Echelon. We do however learn that:
"The minister confirmed Dutch intelligence agencies are working together with the NSA in the exchange of information and technical assistance, but refused to go in(to) detail."
Weapons of Mass Protection - Nonlethality, Information Warfare and Airpower in the Age of Chaos by Chris Morris, Janet Morris, and Thomas Baines takes a sledge to the idea that we can 'manage' using a reactive approach to conflict resolution. On the other hand, this paper contains a rotten pound of ethical hamburger, and the maggots are swarming; and my head is swimming in the sexual undertow - The basic values inherent in airpower--deep penetration, broad reach, precision delivery, early entry--must be augmented with the ability to carry payloads whose results enforce policy throughout the operational continuum in ways suitable to the needs of decision makers in this age of chaos. - what is the opposite of orgasm? What kind of infantile peace does this give rise to?
"The result of these unsolved problems is that US and other policymakers wait too long to announce actions and then announce actions that may not be operationally or logistically feasible with the forces and weapons at hand."
Might as well dive right into the ethical murk, where foriegn policy runs head-on into domestic intent and the decisions made were, and presumably still are Alzheimic. The CIA & Drugs - Narco-colonialism in the 20th Century details the activities of a bizarre bunch of spooks that could be seen as a superpower among the nations of organized crime.
"Cumulatively, the aforementioned CIA assets were concurrently trafficking close to two hundred tons a year (of cocaine) or close to 70% of total U.S. consumption."
One gets the visceral feeling that their deaths are all connected somewhy - Lennon, Joplin, Hendrix, ..., Robert Kennedy - but to believe so would be to also believe they conspire to control; and I have a splanchnic dislike of conspiracies. Sirhan and the RFK Assassination Part 1: The Grand Illusion
"Read about the new evidence of Sirhan's innocence and about one of the most elaborate frames in history."
The US Army Special Operations Field Manual Library is for those with an intense interest in intrigue. pdf and password?....of course they make it inconvenient...
"See also the chemical, biological, and radiological defense manual library."
Maintenance of the status quo will be on top of the agenda for Shrub and his Vines should they be erected come polling time. The Consortium, by means of Sam Parry, expose The Bush Family "Oiligarchy"; greasy stripes and all ewww.
"Of the $41 million Bush raised in two gubernatorial races, $5.6 million (14 percent) came from the energy and natural resources industries. [AP, April 3, 2000]
The oil and gas industry has extended its support for the Texas governor to his presidential bid, donating 15 times more money to Bush than to his Democratic opponent, Al Gore. As of June 20, Bush had raised $1,463,799 from the oil industry to Gore's $95,460, according to (July 26, 2000). "
The ramifications of privitizing or 'outsourcing' aspects of military and government operations are far-reaching - and reach far into areas in which our common interest is endangered, and certainly no longer the primary concern. Greg Guma writes for Toward Freedom magazine on Fire Sale Earth - Defense and security become privatization's new frontier.
"Operating worldwide, often with US State Department approval and licenses, PMCs (private military companies) prop up shaky regimes, and implement both official and covert foreign policy. In Colombia, for example, they're queued up to provide logistical support and training for police and counterinsurgency forces defending Occidental Petroleum (OXY) from indigenous resistance to its oil drilling plans. One company helped develop the plan that Congress reviewed before approving $1.3 billion in new military aid."
While awaiting the interminable electorus interruptus to seed the Oval Orifice, I think I'll redirect my interest to the politics and technologies of social control. Techno Warfare/MACRO-USGOV Espionage Operations is a lengthy compendium of articles, memos and opinionating. I can tell that by the time I am done with this obsearchion the dogwalk in the forest will feel...real.
"I just received information that NSA/FBI has sponsored a DIRT-like backdoor monitoring system into the W2K. If you type in anything that it considers to fit the profile of a terrorist, a pedophile, a hacker or a drug-trafficker, the next time you connect to the internet, it sends an encrypted message with your writings in it to an NSA site in the UK Menwith Hill, where they can legally intercept all intelligence data of US citizens."
Domestic Surveillance and Mind Control Technology?
"The NSA has proprietary electronic equipment that analyzes electrical activity in humans from a distance. NSA computer-generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all of the electrical activity in the brain continuously. The NSA records and decodes individual brain maps (of hundreds of thousands of persons) for national security purposes. EMF Brain Stimulation is also secretly used by the military for bring-to-computer links. (In military fighter aircraft, for example.)"
Free-Market net puts a spotlight on the Carnivore Net wiretapping system with an editorial and links to relevant news stories.
"...the Federal Bureau of Investigation is figuratively flipping the bird to anybody who has ever complained about the government's increasing indulgence in electronic voyeurism."
An Appraisal of the Technology of Political Control is the report by the Omega Foundation that had Europe buzzing and AmeriCanada smelling the smoke.
"Yet because of a process of technological and decision drift these instruments of control, once deployed quickly become 'normalised.' Their secondary and unanticipated effects often lead to a paramilitarisation of the security forces and a militarisation of the police - often because the companies which produce them service both markets."
Encountering a perceptual light at the end of the tunnel of intrigue it becomes clear who doesn't want whom to know what. The Political Economy Of Virtual Reality: Pan-Capitalism
"At the same time that virtuality proliferates and the flesh becomes a resource base for the mediascape the material conditions of virtuality implode. How long can this condition last before there is a crash?"
As an addendum to yesterday's spyish nidus, apparently EtherPeek is the platform on which the FBI built the Carnivore system. ZixMail renders the predator's bite toothless.

Edward F. Halpin and Steve Wright proceed to wake us up with a paper presented at this year's meeting of the Canadian Association for Information Science. The Hidden Dimensions of Global Information Networks: What Price Privacy?
"The STOA report concluded 'that what we are witnessing here are meetings of operatives of a new global military intelligence state...and black box decision making.' "
Germ Warfare Against America: Part IIIb by Donald S. McAlvaney, Editor, McAlvaney Intelligence Advisor (MIA), details some of the atrocities commited in the name of freedom, democracy and the AmeriCanadian Way.
"Let us be wary, then, not just of CIA abuses but of ambitious yet misguided experiments performed in the name of treatment".
I do not believe that AIDS is an intentional agent, but it does not stretch credibility too far to imagine this scenario.
"They (CDC, FDA, Merck) co-developed a heavily contaminated hepatitis B vaccine containing 200,000 human doses that they then tested on Central African villagers, homosexual men in Manhattan and mentally delayed Willowbrook children in 1974."
Considering that all of us have soiled our diapers, proverbial and actual, it would behoove an understanding of the Structural Dynamics of Cover-ups. From the Ten inducements to not tell the truth to the Five defences against unwanted intrusions, a reading of this will make better prevaricators of us all.
"Semantics, the historical and psychological study of the meaning and implications of words, has much to do with how realities represented by words are perceived."
This of course led to a place where these cozening methods have been practised to a low art, and to the high-tech low-brow wide-band thinly-ethical approach of the Carnivore surveillance system. David Chess drew my attention to a Wired story that led me to
Testimony of Robert Corn-Revere before the Subcommittee on the Constitution
of the Committee on the Judiciary United States House of Representatives
The Fourth Amendment and the Internet
April 6, 2000.
"If Congress decides to amend the law to extend pen register and trap and trace authority, it should do so only after fully considering the Fourth Amendment implications of such a change."
It's hard to fully appreciate the extent of our commitment to "defense". A quick scan of this document from Futura Corporation, cryptically titled BMDO SBIR Topics 1999, provides the evidence. The arms race is by no means over, but has moved from country versus country to mega-corp versus titano-corp; all sucking the breast of our ideological determination.
"Dual-use systems under consideration include, but are not limited to, solid-state lasers (i.e. diode lasers), chemical lasers, excimer lasers, IR/Vis/UV lasers, x-ray lasers, gamma-ray lasers, free electron lasers, quantum lasers, particle beams, radio-frequency (RF) and millimeter wave (MMW), and other unique hybrid approaches including explosively or electrically driven devices."
Hidden Data Transmission by Controlling Electromagnetic Emanations of Computers. There are important consequences for computer security. User programs or maybe even Java applets can broadcast data that can be undetectably received. Say no more...
"Thus, with the aid of trojan horses or viruses, it would be possible to steal data from otherwise well-isolated sites. This can be done with receiving equipment as simple and widely available as a standard AM or FM tuner."
Robert Parry had the story killed by Newsweek editors. Will this sordid tale get buried yet deeper by the erection of a cocksure cretin? George H.W. Bush, the CIA & a Case of State Terrorism
"With CIA headquarters now officially named the George Bush Center for Intelligence and with veterans of the Reagan-Bush years still dominating the CIA's hierarchy, the spy agency might be hoping that the election of Texas Gov. George W. Bush will free it from demands to open up records to the American people."
Decisions we make now will reverberate for generations, and may indeed define our evolution. Privacy for individuals is essential, as no pragmatic observer could envision a truly transparent, and therefore utterly tolerant, society. Should corporations enjoy the same right to complete privacy? What about our government? Is total privacy conducive to the needed trust for peace, or is it the divide that will allow GlobalCorp to conquer us all? Who Wants Privacy?

The declarations of ethical spying behavior made by CIA Director George J. Tenet and NSA Director Lt. Gen. Michael V. Hayden are disingenuous at best. CIA & NSA on ECHELON does not inspire confidence with it's denials, nor trust with it's omissions - such as information sharing among allies that skirts each other's domestic policies.
"There is a rigorous regime of checks and balances which we, the CIA, the NSA and the FBI, scrupulously adhere to whenever the conversations of US persons are involved, directly or indirectly."
I always wondered what the Russians (Soviets) were up to while the CIA was piddling around with psychedelics like LSD. Vladimir Muzhesky assays his information in From Psychotronic Warfare to Biotronic Materials.
"On January 31st 1973, in one military unit, an experiment was made which, if it were as widely known as CIA psychotropic research on soldiers, could have had an even stronger public resonance: it probably violated more than a dozen human rights conventions. The complex which was tested was Radiodream. The objective of the experiment was to investigate the influence of modulated electromagnetic radiation on a human system."
"In the end, sets of spin generators were produced and the basic elements for a synthetic plane of immanence were created. However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, economic mechanisms which fed this abstract enterprise were destroyed. The funding was terminated on the very verge of creating a general technology of social manipulation."
There's nothing like a good mystery, and I've been drawn into researching "Camp X" by a show during spy week on the History channel. Here is the book Inside - Camp X. The mystery now is, where is chapter 1?

George Bush, Skull & Bones and the New World Order is a white paper that was destined for a Japanese audience. I am constitutionally repelled by conspiracy theories, if only because having people keep quiet about things is well nigh impossible and anyway, why ascribe intent to that which may be explained by chance. And yet....
"The Skull & Bones members believe in the idea of "constructive chaos." By keeping their true policy intentions secret, by constantly sending out mixed signals on all critical policy issues, they consciously seek to sow confusion among both their nominal "friends" and "enemies" alike."
Spy agencies listened in on Diana
"I just think of Echelon as a great vacuum cleaner in the sky which sucks everything up," said Mike Frost, a former Canadian intelligence officer. "We just get to look at the goodies."
The NSA Declassified, The Documents
"The particularly sensitive nature of communications intelligence (COMINT) activities was highlighted by paragraph 6, which noted that such activities should be treated "in all respects as being outside the framework of other or general intelligence activities." Thus, regulations or directives pertaining to other intelligence activities were not applicable to COMINT activities."
Strategic Issues Today provides unique insight into how America conducts its foriegn affairs.
"Rhodes, ultimately, was "bottom-line" oriented, seeking to control gold, diamonds and other natural resources. The current crowd seeks to control government and to "tax" corporations by many "positive" and "negative" means (including class-action and anti-trust litigation) as their means of establishing government and bureaucratic control over a global economy that is less and less dependent on government."
Treason 101 is a section of the Employee's Guide to Security Responsibilities, wherefrom we may quote 'the man' himself: (sounds like our Mountie's motto to me)
"It starts with a short piece on How Spies Are Caught. That comes first, as it is so important for anyone who may be considering espionage to understand that they WILL be caught. Perhaps not right away, but eventually."
I imagine that if one took the arms dealers and manufacturers of North America out of the world market and then fully legalized hemp and cannabis, we could really watch our economy grow. Instead we make destruction of life attractive. Counter Punch looks at The Arms Pushers.

What exactly are these white domes sprouting like potential entheogens in a suburb of Denver, Colorado? Can you say "Regional SIGINT Operations Center" boys and girls? Loring Wirbil writes Confronting the New Intelligence Establishment: Lessons from the Colorado Experience.
"In the last three years, the technical intelligence agencies' chutzpah in ignoring the democratic process has landed NSA and NRO in hot water, though widespread public knowledge of most scandals is still minimal."
According to this report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) there are a huge number of characteristics of doomsday religious movements. This one seems characteristic of the CSIS itself.
"Dualism - The belief that the world is fractured into two opposing camps of Good and Evil, which confers a profound significance on small social and political conflicts as evidence of this great cosmic struggle, and which could precipitate a violent response."
National Security and the Information Revolution is a well presented case for vigilance.
"The National Security State is gearing up for infowar, and some of their proposals may have serious repercussions on your digital freedom."
While listening to the radio this morning I heard about some countries preparing for Internet War. Some limited battles may have already been waged, and many of the programs we all use have deep vulnerabilities; intentional (such as trap doors) or not. Few of these combatants are major players in the internet, yet.

TheWar, Peace and Security site, from the Canadian Armed Forces provides a map of current conflicts.

ECHELON, Comint and related activities are flourishing under the warm rain of sophisticated technology with roots deep in the very fertile (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) soil of unconstrained budgets. If we are to move toward the utterly transparent society, we must also move toward deep tolerance; the alternative is unthinkable. Here is the first chapter of The Transparent Society by David Brin.
This report provides original new documentary and other evidence about the ECHELON system and its involvement in the interception of communication satellites (section 3). A technical annexe gives a supplementary, detailed description of Comint processing methods.

Fright is a conundrum. I can see a bear coming toward me in the forest and feel visceral fear while intellectually be interested/amazed/in awe. Here in my nice comfy house I am splanchnicly replete, warm, dry, fed and in good canine company, and yet upon reading as much of The Technology of Social Control as I could bear, I am terrified.
"The essential point that I am making is that science itself enters the social matrix of domination within which there are competing, fractionated groups -- all of whom wish to put the fruits of science to different purposes."
Something that we can all be attentive to is The Global Surveillance System.
Sort of a macroscopic version of the uncertainty principle don't you think?

A square hacker's wet dream might be to have unlimited government resources and no boundaries. They must be stopped! Add targeted words to all communications.
Interception Capabilities 2000
"This study considers the state of the art in Communications intelligence (Comint) of automated processing for intelligence purposes of intercepted broadband multi-language leased or common carrier systems, and its applicability to Comint targeting and selection, including speech recognition ."
You can't eat the cookbook, nor make love with a magazine. In mistaking the represented for the actual we lose our embeddedness; our sanity. How we confuse symbols and things is an urgent message to wake up.
"The real solution to excessive governmental power is education. People must learn the difference between a symbol (government) and a thing (effective group action), and they must come to believe in themselves and the natural value of individual experience. If people educate themselves to the point that they realize their own power and capabilities, huge governments will lose their audience. And make no mistake about it -- big government isn't just like show business, it is show business: no audience, no show."
The Culture of Future Conflict comes from the cavalry's mouth, so to neigh, as the military ponders it's prospective.
"By the middle of the next century, if not before, the overarching mission of our military will be the preservation of our quality of life."
As we head into the long, dark Northern Lights season here in the Yukon, shimmering gusts of solar wind interfacing our magnetic field is not all we see with verticalized eyebulbs. Last year it was an exploding meteorite. This year brought a weird welter of welkin watchers together for a UFO Conference, and many balloons of inflated yarn rose in columns of obfuscation. Lost in Translation - The UFO Phenomenon as an Informational Virus.
"This is the report no one wants to read."
Daniel Pouzzner, founder of Innovism, writes a damning essay on The Architecture of Modern Political Power. This does fall into the conspiracist category of argument, but gets no argument from me in the direction it's finger is pointing.
"The United States is the most important nation in the history of the planet, but it is weary and battered, from burning brightly, but more, from suffering the slings and arrows of those it has frightened and of those who have sought to domesticate it. The United States is at the leading edge of a downward spiral of morale and reason that will likely end in the spastic, catastrophic collapse of civilization. The United States can also be the first to start anew, better, stronger, wiser."
A Piece of Blue Sky is Jon Atack's online tome that opens wide the doors of Scientology and exposes the rot, nay evil that resides therein.
"Deprival of property, injury by any means, trickery, suing, lying or destruction have been pursued [by the Scientologists] throughout and to this day with the fullest vigour," and further: "Mr. Hubbard is a charlatan and worse as are his wife Mary Sue Hubbard... and the clique at the top privy to the Cult's activities."
Justice Latey, ruling in the High Court in London in 1984
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